Lisa will have more activities as brand ambassador Lisa will have more activities as brand ambassador

BLACKPINK's Lisa will continue fashion tour as a brand ambassador over the end of June

Lisa works with a lot of brands like Celine and Bvlgari who have activities lined up for the BLACKPINK idol at the end of June

We will continue to see Lalisa traveling and in new events as a brand ambassador with some fashion and personal care companies. These are her activities during the end of June.

BLACKPINK idols are not only music aces. They also often work with various campaigns, brands and others that have made them the best ambassadors. In advertisements, events and others they have been protagonists of the moment thanks to their work with companies in different areas.

It is well known that major brands such as Dior, Celine, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent work with BP members as ambassadors. In recent months we have seen these idols at special events of all these companies both in South Korea and abroad, so they are in a certain way on tour.

Like Lisa, whom we saw at one of the Bvlgari events and in which she really stole the spotlight, she looked wonderful in a yellow dress and jewelry from this brand. Social media was flooded with photos of her at this ceremony and we loved seeing her enjoying her work as a brand ambassador.

And to end June, Lisa will continue to have activities with the brands she works with, this is her fashion tour with Bvlgari and Celine for the next few days, where will we see the BLACKPINK idol?

BLACKPINK's Lisa has all these activities as a brand ambassador in the last week of June

For this last week of June, Lisa still has a lot of activities, she will be traveling outside of Korea once again to attend some events, and there will also be new content from the BLACKPINK member in collaboration with brands like Bvlgari and Dentiste, so fans can follow along supporting her in these projects.


Lisa will continue to shine in all these activities that she has as an ambassador for these fashion and personal care brands, it's still great to see that she will be in new content.

Lisa will shine at Paris Fashion Week as an ambassador for Celine

As you saw in her activities, Lisa will be a part of Paris Fashion Week as an ambassador for Celine. In addition to the BLACKPINK idol, we will also see BTS' Taehyung and actor Park Bo Gum as part of the same brand, all 3 have been chosen to attend this magnificent event.

Lisa will be in Paris Fashion Week as a brand ambassador for Celine | Twitter: @hourlybangpink_

It will be a busy end of month for Lisa, but we know she's gonna be amazing in everything she has prepared along with these brands.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and Lisa too, here we have her best covers in  her YouTube Channel LILI's FILM.

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