Lisa went to (G)-IDLE's concert Lisa went to (G)-IDLE's concert

BLACKPINK's Lisa went to support (G)-IDLE at their concert in Korea

Lisa had a lot of fun at (G)-IDLE's concert, BLACKPINK idol supported her friends of the girl group

It seems Lisa doesn't miss any K-Pop concerts in Korea and this time she was seen at the one she had (G)-IDLE, how did the BLACKPINK idol have fun?

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular K-Pop groups at the moment, the talent of its 4 members is unique and has conquered millions of fans around the world who are now dedicated to showing all their love and support for the girl group in all times. Among its members, we find Lisa, an extremely talented girl.

Lalisa has not only enchanted her fans with her wonderful work in BP, she has also done it as a solo artist. She also this idol has a beautiful personality and great charisma that we really love a lot and she continues to charm her fans. She is super friendly and we know that as she has a lot of friends in the industry.

Lisa is very close with Miyeon, one of the (G)-IDLE members who actually almost debuted with BLACKPINK, did you know that? Although they are not in the same girl group, they have been great friends for a long time and Lisa has shown all her support for her bestie in K-Pop.

This time, Lisa supported (G)-IDLE again by attending their concert in Korea and had a lot of fun. This is how the BLACKPINK idol was seen.

BLACKPINK's Lisa went to (G)-IDLE's concert in Korea and had a lot of fun

BLACKPINK's Lisa was spotted since she arrived at (G)-IDLE's concert, she was carrying her light stick ready to see her friends in the girl group. Later, inside the venue, they also paid attention to her and it is obvious that Lalisa had a lot of fun in this event. Someone even heard her crack up when Miyeon twerked, LOL.

Lisa at (G)-IDLE's concert | Twitter: @LaliceUpdates

Lisa supports all of her friends in K-Pop by going to their concerts, as we saw her with STRAY KIDS, TWICE, WINNER, and now (G)-IDLE.

Lisa supporting her K-Pop friends | Twitter: @lisacelebreties

 Lisa also did the TOMBOY Challenge after the (G)-IDLE concert

Lisa took the opportunity to do the TOMBOY Challenge after the (G)-IDLE concert, the idol did it from her truck while her fansites and others took photos and videos of her. So we have a somewhat improvised version of the BLACKPINK member doing this Challenge.

Seeing Lisa at the (G)-IDLE concert was great, don't you think? We love the interactions between BLACKPINK and more K-Pop groups and also seeing how Lalisa doesn't miss any concerts in Korea.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Jennie who is going to appear on a HBO series called 'The Idol'. 

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