Lisa wants to visit this country Lisa wants to visit this country

BLACKPINK's Lisa wants to visit this country she hasn't been to yet

Although BLACKPINK members have traveled to many countries around the world, Lisa wants to visit one she hasn't been to

BLACKPINK has traveled the world to meet BLINK from different countries, but there is a particular country that Lisa wants to visit, which is the place where the idol wants to have a tour?

BLACKPINK is one of the most recognized K-Pop groups in the international music industry. This girl group made up of 4 girls has won the hearts of the audience thanks to their talents, their songs and performances are at an exceptional level.

And not only as a group, the idols as soloists have also managed to reach the peak of success with their solo songs. As is the case with Lisa, in 2021 this BP member debuted as a solo artist with 'Lalisa', a single album with two songs that became hits very quickly.

To date, 'Lalisa' and 'Money' are among the most listened to songs on digital platforms and became TikTok trends that everyone was replicating. So Lisa's success is just outrageous. In addition, this artist also has great power in fashion, working as an ambassador for various brands in that field.

Due to her work, Lisa has been able to visit many countries in the world, but there are some where she has not been able to go on tour and really wants to go, what is the country that the idol of BLACKPINK wants to visit?

BLACKPINK's Lisa reveals which country she wants to visit the most

In a recent interview with Lisa from BLACKPINK, the idol revealed that she wants to visit Egypt more than any other place in the world, she expresses that due to all those ancient constructions in the place, she wants to visit it, to finally see them in person.

I’ve visited many Asian and European countries, but I’ve never visited Egypt before. I would love to go see all the magnificient buildings and just enjoy the armosphere there

Lisa would love to visit Egypt | Twitter: @MagzCollection

 Definitely, Egypt is a great country to visit and surely soon we will be able to see Lalisa next to the great constructions of the country, with a spectacular photoshoot on her tour of the place.

Lisa's fans in Egypt are ready to welcome her

Lisa's interview has reached her fans in Egypt who are ready to receive her, many of them are expressing that they will make sure that Lalisa has an amazing stay when she can finally visit their country, as she wishes.

Lisa's fans from Egypt want to welcome her | Twitter: @engyaly287

Maybe very soon, Lisa will be able to visit Egypt and not only to sightsee a bit, but also to give a concert alongside the other BLACKPINK idols.

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