BLACKPINK's Lisa unleashed euphoria on Twitter after attending the Celine Fashion Show

Lisa attended the Celine Fashion Show 2022 in Paris. The member of BLACKPINK unleashed euphoria on social media.

We all already know how powerful BLACKPINK members are as influencers. The gorgeous Idols are super talented artists and giant fashion icons at the same time. They have the best style on and out of the stage.

All of them shake the fashion world when they appear at the most exclusive events. However, Lisa is constantly stealing the spotlight with her wonderful outfits. She became the protagonist every time she arrives at a fashion show.

V, Lisa and Park Bo Gum in Paris / Twitter @Spain_Kpop_

The Thai singer is a global emmsasor of the luxury brand Celine. On June 26th she arrived at the Paris Fashion Week in the company of BTS' V and the actor Park Bo Gum. These gentlemen are superstars as well, nevertheless, Lisa was the most popular celebrity during the event.

Lisa rules social media after attending the Celine Fashion Show 2022

On June 26th toundasand joined outside the Celine Fashion Show in Paris to welcome Lisa, BTS V and Park Bo Gum. On the other hand Fas all over the world took social media to support the member of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK's Lisa in Paris / Twitter @Lisaparaguay_

On Twitter, BLINK used the hashtag #LISAXCELINE to spread videos and pictures of the rapper. In just 7 hours there were over 4.1 million tweets. It is the biggest mark by an Asian act related to a fashion event.

Lisa on Twitter global trends / Twitter @Ncllalisa

Lisa broke her own record on the platform. She got 3.3 million tweets with  #LALISAxCelinePFW. Also, her name, the phrase LALISA Human Celine and more were on the Twitter Global trends.

Mostly,  the conversation on social media is praising Lisa's outfit. Also, the world is shocked by the massive support not just for Lisa but for V and Park Bo Gum as well. They looked amazing!

Do you want to know more about the Celine Fashion Show 2022? Here is how Korean celebrities stole the spotlight.

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