Lisa and DK's But You Challenge Lisa and DK's But You Challenge

BLACKPINK's Lisa teams up with iKON's DK to do the But You Challenge

Lisa and DK dance to iKON's 'But You' together and bring joy to their fans

BLACKPINK and iKON are sister groups as they both belong to YG Entertainment, so to celebrate the boy band's comeback, Lisa joined DK to dance to 'But You Challenge'.

YG Entertainment has extremely talented idols and groups among its ranks, one of them is BLACKPINK, a 4-member girl group that has shown its great power in the K-Pop industry and also in the international music industry. This band is a huge success.

On the other hand, iKON is also part of YG, a boy band that debuted in 2015 and has gladdened the hearts of many fans who do not hesitate to show all their love and unconditional support for the idol group and they have followers from all over the world.

And it is that it is common to find interactions between the members of BLACKPINK and iKON as they are groups from the same agency and that they do not have a great difference between their debut times. Many even knew each other since they were trainees and still preparing for the stage.

And this time, BLACKPINK's Lisa joined iKON's DK to do a challenge and celebrate the boy band's comeback, have you been able to see them together on TikTok yet?

BLACKPINK's Lisa and iKON's DK do 'But You Challenge' on TikTok to celebrate boy band's comeback

Through iKON's official TikTok account, the idol group released a video in which BLACKPINK's Lisa joined iKON's Donghyuk to do 'But You Challenge', a song from the boy band's latest album 'FLASHBACK'. They both had a lot of fun and the fans did not hesitate to fill this video with likes.

Lisa and DK did the challenge twice, in this other version they showed their dance steps much better with the song 'But You'.


Fans can't get over Lisa and iKON's collaboration in Kingdom

With this interaction of DK and Lisa, fans were reminded of when the BLACKPINK idol joined iKON on the Kingdom show, where she did a collaboration performance with the boy band. 'Classy Savage' was great and we still can't get over it, Lalisa tested all her power alongside iKON idols.

We love Lisa and iKON's interactions, both idol groups are really powerful on stage and have great quality, don't you think?

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, here we tell you what are they ambassadors of, they work with these fashion brands. 

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