BLACKPINK's Lisa still breaking records with her song 'MONEY'

The debut of Lisa as a soloist was explosive. The hits of the member of BLACKPINK still on the Billboard charts. .

BLACKPINK is a global phenomenon. The music of this girl group was made to climb all the charts. The group is on hiatus but the members Rose and Lisa released for the first time their solo music not long ago.

In October 2021 Lisa dropped her first main single using her full name: "LALISA". This super catchy song was a whole success. The music video for her solo debut got 73.6 millions of views in just 24 hours. 

Lisa first mini-album 'LALISA' / By @LISABPMEXICO

A few days later the Thai singer revealed the dance video for the single "MONEY". As it was expected again her music was everywhere. This track shows how talented Lisa is. Her powerful rap and her energetic dance moves create the greatest combo ever.

This song was all over the internet. Not just the K-Pop fans were crazy for it during the next day MONEY was in the trends of the platform Tik Tok.

A couple of months later after the release, the song is still getting amazing achievements.

Lisa’s song "MONEY" spent  another week in the Billboard 200 Excl. U.S.

After the release of MONEY the song debuted on No.10 on Billboard Global 200. At the same time it was reaching the No.7 on Billboard Global Excl.U.S. Since then, the track hasn't left this last chart.

Lisa for 'MONEY' / By @kallaya1610

This week it was confirmed that Lisa stays in this chart. MONEY has now 32 weeks on the Billboard 200 Global Excl. U.S. With this mark the Idol becomes the K-Pop solo artist with the track having the most weeks in the chart. Congratulations to Lisa!

Meanwhile, BLINK is waiting for more news about the BLACKPINK comeback. We can't wait to listen to the new music of the girls. 

Recently YG Entertainment talked about the comeback rumors, read all the information.

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