Lisa celebrated her 25th birthday Lisa celebrated her 25th birthday

BLACKPINK's Lisa shows how her birthday party was with these new photos

Lisa celebrated her birthday with friends and family at a beautiful party and these photos of the BLACKPINK idol prove it

Lisa from BLACKPINK celebrated her 25th birthday with a nice party that made her look wonderful, have you seen the photos of her celebration?

Lisa is one of the most beloved idols in the K-Pop industry, this member of BLACKPINK is highly recognized for her great ability to dance. In addition to the fact that she also stands out as a rapper and singer, not only in her group, she has also done it as a solo artist.

Lalisa specialized in dance since she was a child and that is why we can see how her talents and abilities shine especially in this discipline. The love of millions of fans goes to this great artist and we notice it much better with her solo debut in 2021. Her solo songs had tremendous success and worthy of stars like this idol.

This is why BLINK would not let Lisa's birthday go unnoticed, she celebrates it every March 27, and this year she was celebrating her 25th birthday with her family and friends. She surely had a lot of fun and she could also see some of the messages that her fans dedicated to her on social networks for her anniversary.

But how was Lisa's birthday party? The BLACKPINK idol shared with her fans a little about her celebration this year, and she looked great at her fun reunion.

BLACKPINK's Lisa shares more from her birthday party with these photos

Through her official Instagram account, Lisa from BLACKPINK shared some photos posing for the camera during her birthday party that had a nice theme, but also very elegant, with lights that indicated the age that the idol is turning.

Lisa at her birthday party | Instagram: @lalalalisa_m

Doesn't Lisa look like a princess? BLINK is glad that the idol had such a good time during her birthday, she deserves the best of celebrations.

Lisa breaks an Instagram record with the photos of her birthday party

BLINK showed all their love to Lalisa through Instagram, filling her post with likes with the photos of her birthday party and well, as an extra gift for this special date, Lisa broke a new record on IG being the fastest to reach 9M likes on Instagram in history by a K-Pop and Asian female act.

Lisa's new record on Instagram | Twitter: @LaliceUpdates

Forget it, Lisa is not a princess at her birthday party, she is a queen and deserves all the love in the world, which BLINK is already in charge of giving her.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK, and more about Lisa too, since we tell you everything about her celeb friends, do you know them? 

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