Rosalía gave Lisa some gifts Rosalía gave Lisa some gifts

BLACKPINK's Lisa receives some gifts from Rosalía, are they friends?

Lisa showed off the gifts that the singer Rosalía sent her, what did she give to the BLACKPINK idol?

It seems that the idols of BLACKPINK have new friends in the music industry and this was demonstrated by Lisa with the gifts she received from Rosalía.

Many fans know that BLACKPINK idols have a lot of friends in the music industry. The idols have rubbed shoulders with international stars and we have been able to notice it in photos, Instagram stories, interactions and others that show us the links with which these artists have.

It is nice to find BLACKPINK collaborations with more artists, of course, because combining music, styles and voices makes each new song by BP with other singers simply unique and wonderful for their great fandom. But it's also great to find interactions with singers, actors, actresses and others.

Who is Lisa close to? BLACKPINK's maknae has many friends, of which we can highlight GOT7's BamBam, who is also her compatriot. Lalisa also has a beautiful friendship with various members of Line 97' of K-Pop like Bang Chan from STRAY KIDS or Minnie from (G)-Idle. Internationally we have seen her with Jaden and Willow Smith.

But did you know that Lisa is also friends with a Hispanic singer? This is how the BLACKPINK idol received the gifts that Rosalía sent her.

Lisa celebrates with Rosalía the release of Motomami, the singer sent these gifts to the BLACKPINK idol

Through Instagram Stories, Lisa showed off the special gifts that Rosalía sent her on the occasion of the release of her new album 'Motomami'. It was a complete kit that included the new album, a t-shirt, the iconic helmet from her concept and even a small message signed by the Hispanic singer.

The gifts Rosalía sent to Lisa | Instagram: @lalalalisa_m

Do you think Rosalía and Lisa are friends? This small but significant interaction is just great, maybe Lalisa loved the Hispanic singer's new album.

Rosalía confessed to being a big fan of Lisa

In an interview, Rosalía confessed that she liked Lisa a lot, that she was her fan because she danced very well. The interviewer asked her about a collaboration which the singer did not refuse, saying that she would love to work with her. Rosalía said that she would leave it to her fate but that she definitely loves Lalisa.

Now we know why Rosalía decided to send these gifts to Lisa, not only to show her her work, but also as a symbol of admiration for the BLACKPINK member, isn't this great? We hope they have a collaboration soon!

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK, here we tell you more about the idols' friendships like the one that Rosé has with Hailey Bieber. 

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