Lisa has a YouTube diamond button Lisa has a YouTube diamond button

BLACKPINK's Lisa now has a YouTube diamond button, how many subscribers does she have?

Lisa is now one of the few idols to have a YouTube diamond button as she reached a high number of subscribers on her channel

Are you subscribed to Lisa's channel on YouTube? The BLACKPINK idol often shares her vlogs in this space that now has millions of subscribers and they gave her a diamond button.

The members of BLACKPINK are not only extremely talented at singing and dancing. They also have more to show for themselves even outside of music, and BLINK can enjoy the idols even more with new content that they release. On YouTube there are many of them that we can watch.

All the members of BP have their own channel on YouTube, they usually share vlogs and behind the scenes to show fans what their work and free time is like as well. Lisa, for example, has a channel called 'Lilifilm', she has really shared quite a few videos with her fans and they enjoy every vlog, reaction and other content.

So if you are a fan of Lalisa, you should definitely follow her official YT account. There you will find a lot of content and the idol has really made an effort to show more facets of herself in this space created by her and for all her fans. Lisa already has millions of subscribers on said platform.

This is why Lisa now has a diamond button thanks to the number of subscribers, she joined a few other K-Pop artists who also have this badge on YouTube.

BLACKPINK's Lisa reaches 10 million subscribers on YouTube and now has a diamond button

BLACKPINK's Lisa's YouTube channel now has over 10 million subscribers, earning her a diamond button. Now, Lalisa is the first K-Pop female solo artist to have this badge, and her fans are celebrating her with the hashtag #LILIFILM10MPARTY on Twitter for this great achievement.

Lisa's channel on YouTube now has more than 10M subscribers | Twitter: @LaliceUpdates

Congratulations Lisa! He really deserves this great recognition, surely he will show his diamond plate soon and will continue to share more content with his fans through YouTube.

What other K-Pop artists have a YouTube diamond button?

In addition to Lisa from BLACKPINK, only 3 other K-Pop groups and a soloist have the YouTube diamond button as they have more than 10 million subscribers on the platform, here we have the list of artists with this recognition on YT.

Lisa and BLACKPINK own a YouTube diamond button | Twitter: @lalisabrasil

 So there are actually few artists with a YouTube diamond button, OMG, but Lisa is there and so is BLACKPINK. Congrats everyone, your YT channels will surely continue to grow.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, Lisa confessed how's a perfect birthday party for her, maybe BLINK with give it to her.

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