Lisa reings in Hot Trending songs Lisa reings in Hot Trending songs

BLACKPINK's Lisa makes history as the queen of Hot Trending Songs

Lisa reached #1 on Hot Trending Songs and with this, the BLACKPINK idol is making history

All the support of Lisa's fans is being reflected, especially on Twitter, since Hot Trending Songs is a chart in which fan tweets are taken into account, this time the BLACKPINK idol reigns at # 1 of this chart and is making history.

There is no doubt that BLACKPINK has a lot of fans, BLINK is the great fandom that is dedicated to showing all their love and support for this amazing girl group. We know very well that this fan base has grown exponentially and is found in absolutely all parts of the world.

Individually, the BP members also have a lot of support. Like Lisa, who debuted as a solo artist at the end of 2021, it will soon be a year since her debut album that is still an important topic in the music industry as her fans have not stopped showing their support for 'Lalisa' and 'Money' .

This is how we have seen Lalisa succeed in a lot of extremely important charts in music, she reigns on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and more thanks to the fact that her followers do not stop listening to her tracks. These even went viral on TikTok and had their own trends, it was just phenomenal.

And still, Lisa continues to show her great power as a solo artist, this time she reached #1 on Hot Trending Songs and with this this member of BLACKPINK is doing something historic.

Lisa is the first female artist to reach #1 on Hot Trending Songs and with this she's making history

Hot Trending Songs is a chart that takes into account the number of tweets about a song, this week, Lisa reached #1 with 'Lalisa' as the song with the most mentions on the platform. She is the first female artist to reach this position, being a historic moment for Lisa and for this chart.

Lisa at the #1 in Hot Trending Songs | Twitter: @billboardcharts

We are happy for Lisa and her achievements, this is all thanks to all the support and love that she receives from her fans, all of whom have amazing power.

Why did Lisa's Lalisa become a trend once again?

It seems that thanks to the nomination that 'Lalisa' obtained for the MTV VMAs, the song became a trend again, this made the power of the fans place the song at number 1 of Hot Trending Songs and they are also promoting the votes for the awards.


We hope that Lisa achieves that award at the VMAs too, we know that she will continue to make her mark on music in the future.

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