Anne Hathaway and BLACKPINK's Lisa Anne Hathaway and BLACKPINK's Lisa

BLACKPINK's Lisa looks stunning in company of Anne Hathaway and Priyanka Chopra in Paris

BLACKPINK's Lisa is the global ambassador of the luxury brand Bulgari. Her photos at the Jewelry show in Paris with Anne Hathaway and Priyanka Chopra are making the Internet crazy.

As much as BLACKPINK is famous for its music, the K-Pop sensation is also well known for its good taste in fashion. All the members of this girl group always look glamorous. The music videos of the group are a whole visual pleasure because of the awesome outfits.

Even during their off time, these beautiful Idols have the best styles. The global public enjoys seeing what new outfits they'll show. if you are looking for inspiration for your own outfits the Instagram of the members or their photos at the airport will be very helpful.

That's why the most exclusive fashion brands of the globe were anxious to work in collab with the singers of "How You Like That". Lisa is a Bulgari global ambassador. She made some friends during her attendance at the High Jewelry show in Paris. We are telling you everything.

BLACKPINK's Lisa in Paris

Priyanka Chopra posts selfie with BLACKPINK's Lisa and Anne Hattaway

On June 6th BLACKPINK's Lisa was in Paris for the presentation of the new high jewelry collection of the luxury brand Bulgari. During the event, the Idol was sitting next to the Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway who is also an ambassador of the brand.

Anne Hathaway and Lisa / Twitter @LmonMs

Both superstars drew the attention, the two were gorgeous wearing yellow dresses. Anther beuty joined the duet, Priyanka Chopra had a good time with these talented artists as well and, she decided to share the moment on social media.

The same day, Chopra posted on her Instagram account a selfie of the three of them. They look truly happy while hugging each other. The actress added a sweet comment:

And then there was us.. girls just wanna have fun!

Priyanka Chopra's post / Instagram @priyankachopra

Immediately the Internet went crazy. All of them are stunning! Is impossible to choose a favorite outfit.

A few days ago BLACKPINK's Rose talked about the most difficult moment of her trainee days. Read here all the details.

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