Lisa and the trainee she's supporting Lisa and the trainee she's supporting

BLACKPINK's Lisa is supporting a trainee from Thailand at YG Entertainment

Lisa confessed that there is a Thai trainee in YG Entertainment that reminds her of herself, how has she been supporting her?

BLACKPINK's Lisa knows how hard it is to be a trainee and be away from home, so she is showing her support for a trainee from her same country who is training at YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK has amazing idols among its ranks, this idol group has shown great power on stage. Among its members we have Lisa, a girl who had to leave her hometown to travel to Korea and become a K-Pop artist. It was not an easy road for this girl.

Lalisa came from Thailand, she had to learn Korean while preparing to debut. She joined YG Entertainment with big dreams and goals, but also raw talent that she could hone quite well in her time with the agency. Lisa spent 5 years and 3 months to debut with BLACKPINK.

This is why Lisa knows the struggle of being a trainee, as she spent a lot of time preparing herself before joining BP. Today her effort and growth have been very worthwhile, as she is a brilliant K-Pop star with her group and even as a solo artist seeing the great success she had with her debut in 2021.

Lisa's experience as a trainee and in BLACKPINK has given her enough tools to be able to inspire and help future generations. The idol is now supporting a YG Entertainment trainee who also came from Thailand.

BLACKPINK's Lisa shows her support for Thai YG Entertainment trainee

In her Rolling Stone interview, BLACKPINK's Lisa confessed that she is supporting a YG Entertainment trainee who also came from Thailand like her. Seeing her, the idol remembers herself in her time of preparing to debut and this inspired her to join the girl who is 17 years old and came to Korea just a couple of years ago to be a trainee.

There is a Thai trainee that reminds me of when I was young. I’m trying to take care of her. It’s not so much about giving advice. We eat together, go shopping.

Lisa shows her support for a Thai trainee in YG | Twitter: @hourlygirlgroup

 Isn't it great that Lisa is spending time with this girl to support her during her time as a trainee? It is because she knows how difficult this stage is, but she will know that at some point all the effort will be worth it.

Lisa also gives advice to the YG Entertainment trainee she has been rooting for

Although Lisa said that she doesn't always give advice to this anonymous YG Entertainment trainee whom she is rooting for, she said that she once approached her to ask if everything was alright, but the young trainee started to cry, so Lalisa gave her a hug. little advice to end her sorrows.

And she started to cry. 'I want to dance like you, unni, but I’m so bad, and I’m so sad about that.' I just tell her, 'Keep practicing!'

Lisa's advice for the trainee she's supporting | Twitter: @hourlygirlgroup

 We haven't met this YG Entertainment trainee who came from Thailand yet, but with a mentor like Lisa, we know that a bright future is ahead for this young girl.

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