Lisa having fun in Paris with friends Lisa having fun in Paris with friends

BLACKPINK's Lisa is having a lot of fun in France ahead of Paris Fashion Week 2022

Lisa is in France as Celine's special guest for Paris Fashion Week, what is the idol doing before this event?

Lisa at Paris Fashion Week is about to happen, but before the event she's having a lot of fun in France, what is the BLACKPINK idol doing?

BLACKPINK idols not only have a great impact on music, the fashion world also has these queens. And it is that the members of this girl group also work with fashion and makeup brands, as ambassadors and also in advertising. This is how they demonstrate their power in different fields and industries.

This time, Lalisa has been a special guest at Paris Fashion Week by Celine and the idol had to travel from Korea to France to attend this important event. Her reception in her country was magnificent, a lot of BLINKS waited for her at the airport and brought her gifts and letters.

In Paris, fans are still waiting to see Lisa and some of them have already been able to find her because apparently she left her hotel for some activities. Paris Fashion Week 2022 is only a few hours away and she is already thrilling all her fans internationally for her participation with Celine.

But before the event, the BLACKPINK idol is also having fun and spending time with people within the fashion industry, what is Lisa doing in Paris before PFW?

BLACKPINK's Lisa is ready for Paris Fashion Week 2022 but she's having fun before the event

In some photos we have been able to see Lisa from BLACKPINK having a lot of fun before Paris Fashion Week 2022. It seems that she visited the Celine headquarters where she met the model Ikram Abdi, they both posed for the camera together and Lisa's fans loved these selfie.

Lisa and Ikram Abdi | Twitter: @iikrxm

Lisa also met up with one of her friends from Celine, someone we had met before as Lalisa went to her birthday party.

Lisa and her friend | Twitter: @LaliceUpdates

 BLINK is supporting Lisa on Twitter with #LisaXCelinePFW

Twitter is filling up with the #LisaXCelinePFW as BLINK is supporting the idol in this event in this way. Mentions on social networks are extremely important, so this support definitely goes a long way for Lalisa and Celine who will steal the spotlight at Paris Fashion Week.

BLINK really wants to see Lisa at PWF | Twitter: @Aredek66

In a few more hours it will be Celine's turn at Paris Fashion Week 2022 where we will see Lisa, how exciting! We can't help but wonder what they'll surprise us with.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and Lisa, she has now a new record with 'Lalisa' on YouTube, she's the queen with her solo debut.

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