Who are Lisa's famous friends? Who are Lisa's famous friends?

BLACKPINK's Lisa had fun with these celebs on her trip to Paris

Lisa traveled to Paris for activities as a brand ambassador, but it was not only a work trip, she also had fun with her famous friends

BLACKPINK's Lisa went out with several of her friends during her visit to Paris, the idol was seen with some celebrities.

BLACKPINK is a K-Pop group full of talented girls, 4 idols are part of the lineup of this girl group and all of them have shown the brightest of their music and dance skills in songs and performances that have amazed millions of people. These have quickly become fans.

But we can also highlight the charismas and personalities of the members of BP. Like the one of Lisa, a very authentic girl with a beautiful personality, her talents completely amaze us, but her way of being has won the hearts of BLINK. There is much to admire about this incredible artist.

Can you imagine having a friendship with Lalisa? It would be simply phenomenal, sharing moments with her, having selcas together and even going out to eat or do any activity. There are several celebs who have proven to be not only Lisa's besties, but other BLACKPINK members as well.

But this time, Lisa went out with some of her friends during her visit to Paris, this trip was not only for business, she was also with some celebrities with whom she was seen.

BLACKPINK's Lisa hung out with Austin Butler and Peter Utz in Paris, who are her celebrity friends?

Lisa appeared alongside American actor Austin Butler and CELINE's director of couture and events, Peter Utz. This trio of friends walked the streets while they shared a small lunch and were photographed. Many fans were surprised to see the idol with an actor they easily recognized.

Peter Utz, Lisa and Austin Butler | Twitter: @lali_031827

This is how BLINK was able to see Lisa with her famous friends, OMG, did you know that she had a friendship with these famous celebrities?

How did Lisa meet Peter Utz and Austin Butler?

Well, Lisa is an ambassador for CELINE, a brand for which Peter Utz works, so it was normal that they had met during some arrangement or event with the participation of the idol for the brand. While this same job led her to meet Austin Butler, because his girlfriend Kaia is also an ambassador for the same company, so perhaps she met Lisa at an event where Austin was also. 

This is how Lisa met her famous friends | Twitter: @chiu0086

Now you know the story behind this trio of spectacular friends, well-loved celebrities in different fields. It was nice to see Lisa share time with them.

We have more about BLACKPINK and its members, keep reading about them and their best collaborations with many other artists. 

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