Lisa on CELINE's runway show Lisa on CELINE's runway show

BLACKPINK's Lisa charmed the world as a model on the CELINE runway show

BLACKPINK members stand out a lot in fashion and Lisa did it this time on the CELINE catwalk

Lisa is not only a talented member of BLACKPINK, she is also an amazing ambassador for fashion brand CELINE, and this time she took to the catwalk and showed off her modeling skills.

BLACKPINK idols have not only become amazing icons of music, mainly K-Pop. These girls also have a lot of power and impact in the fashion industry. Their beauties and amazing styles have led them to work with important brands in this field.

This is how Lisa became an ambassador for CELINE, one of the most important brands in fashion. This is a French company with almost 80 years in the world, it is luxury and has a lot of clothes and accessories for everyone. Lalisa usually wears them in great style and her outfits with clothes from said company look amazing on her.

We have seen Lisa at a lot of important events as an ambassador for CELINE. She has traveled the world to represent this luxurious and exclusive brand and Lalisa not only shines as a singer. The power of this idol on the catwalk is also quite strong and BLINK loves to see her take on these kinds of shows.

This time, Lisa took CELINE's runway show with great power, this is how the BLACKPINK idol looked at this event that BLINK will never forget.

Lisa appears on CELINE's amazing Winter 2022 runway, this is how the BLACKPINK idol looked

CELINE shared her runway show on YouTube where a lot of models appear wearing her Winter 2022 collection, among them we find Lisa from BLACKPINK who looked amazing walking around the place and also in other black and white images that were part of this amazing show.

This is how Lisa wore these incredible CELINE garments in this fashion brand show, surely we will continue to see her in more events as an ambassador.

Lisa also looked amazing on CELINE's Instagram feed

A few days ago, CELINE updated his feed with some photos of Lisa that made it look super aesthetic, so they showed off their most wonderful model and ambassador in the brand, don't you think Lisa looked great in these photos and with the exclusive clothes of the brand?

Lisa in CELINE's Instagram feed | Twitter: @lalisasdfghjkl

We look forward to seeing more of Lisa's work as a model at CELINE, she is simply amazing at everything she does and also shone on the catwalk and posing for the cameras with this fashion brand.

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