Lisa gives great earnings to Bvlgari as their global ambassador Lisa gives great earnings to Bvlgari as their global ambassador

BLACKPINK's Lisa brings great earnings as a Bvlgari ambassador in 2022

Lisa has been an ambassador for the Bvlgari brand since 2020, how successful has she been with the brand in 2022?

BLACKPINK's impact is not only noticeable in music, but also in other jobs that its members have, such as their role as ambassadors for different brands. This is how Lisa has stood out working with Bvlgari in this 2022.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular and relevant girl groups in the K-Pop industry right now. Their idols have combined their talents, personalities, and charisma both in the studio and on stage and thus have completely conquered the international music industry.

As a group, BP shines brightly, but also their separate idols have managed to stand out and exploit their talents in different fields. 3 of its members, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa debuted as soloists having great support from their fans and standing out even individually. While Jisoo has worked as an actress and in 2021 she had her first leading role with which she also stood out.

In addition to these jobs in different arts, BLACKPINK members also work as models and ambassadors for various fashion, jewelry, and other brands. Lisa, for example, works with brands like Celine or Bvlgari. Both companies chose her to be a worthy representative of her and she has appeared in some of their campaigns.

In 2020 was when Lalisa started working with Bulgari as a global ambassador and today she is still with the brand, how much profit has she achieved in 2022 for the company? This is how the BLACKPINK idol demonstrates her great impact.

Lisa earns millions for Bvlgari as global brand ambassador in 2022

According to metrics for Bvlgari, Lisa is estimated to have earned over $3.7M in MIV® in her 2022 campaigns for the brand. She has been its global ambassador for two years, although only this year is when she has been able to be part of more events and exhibitions since previously and due to the pandemic she had not been able to participate.

Lisa got great earnings for Bvlgari in 2022 | Twitter: @lalalaladidad

So Lisa's power is shown once again even outside of music. Bvlgari was not wrong to choose such an amazing ambassador for the brand and we are sure that the idol will continue in campaigns with this great company.

Lisa also stole the spotlight at this Bvlgari event

Lisa attended Bvlgari's new high jewelry collection 'The Eiffel of Wonders' in France, and there she stole all the attention as her presence became a trending topic and everyone saw her. In addition to looking wonderful in her outfit, she also looked very happy, and this made BLINK happy.

Lisa at the Eiffle Towe of Wonders event | Twitter: @kpopers_family

 We love the power of Lalisa both in music and outside of it and we will surely continue to see her grow in all fields, including fashion and jewelry.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Rosé who confessed all of her love for Elvis Presley, did you know that she's a fan of the King of Rock & Roll?

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