Get to know more about Lisa and BamBam's friendship Get to know more about Lisa and BamBam's friendship

BLACKPINK's Lisa and GOT7's BamBam have a great friendship, how did they meet?

Did you know that Lisa and BamBam are friends? Here we have the story of this friendship between BLACKPINK and GOT7

For a long time, K-Pop fans have known that BLACKPINK's Lisa and GOT7's BamBam are good friends, here we tell you the story of their friendship.

BLACKPINK is a great K-Pop girl group, the members of this group are really talented and have shown on many occasions that they have amazing power on stage. Just like Lisa does with her great way of singing, dancing and rapping. They are a complete artist.

On the other hand, we have GOT7, an idol group of 7 members who have worked hard on their songs and performances throughout their history. Recognized for leaving JYP Entertainment after their contract ended and taking over the rights to their music and name. Among its members we find the talented artist BamBam.

Well, BamBam and Lisa have a nice friendship, did you already know that? These idols have some things in common and they met even before they traveled to Korea and started their time as trainees in different agencies to finally debut and become idols. Do you want to know more about this sweet K-Pop friendship?

Here we tell you how BamBam and Lisa became friends, they are a great proof of the friendship between GOT7 and BLACKPINK, isn't this amazing?

How did BLACKPINK's Lisa and GOT7's BamBam become friends?

BamBam and Lisa have known each other since they were children as they are both from Thailand, where the two of them joined a dance group called We Za Cool. Since Lalisa was taller than BamBam, he believed that he was older than her, but in reality they are both the same age since they were born in 1997.

Lisa and BamBam in their childhood | Twitter: @arssevens

Becoming idols, Lisa and BamBam live close to each other and keep in touch or hang out since their friendship is since childhood. Once even the GOT7 member defended Lalisa during one of her controversies. They really have a beautiful relationship.

BamBam and Lisa | Twitter: @arssevens

BamBam and Lisa are one of the most loved and popular idols in Thailand

Being their country of origin, Lisa and BamBam are very popular and loved in Thailand. A pride for their nation as they are amazing artists and singers well known throughout the world who have brought great things to the place where they were born. They really represent Thai people in K-Pop very well.

BamBam and Lisa are a pride for Thailand | Twitter: @wpouy112

Who knew that those little friends who met in Thailand would soon be great K-Pop artists? We love Lisa and BamBam's friendship.

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