Jisoo for 'Snowdrop' Jisoo for 'Snowdrop'

BLACKPINK's Jisoo supports her 'Snowdrop' colleague Kim Jong Soo and his new movie 'Hunt'

Jisoo and Rose of BLACKPINK attended the premiere of "Hunt". They were supporting the actor Kim Jong Soo.

BLACKPINK is famous all over the world because of its powerful hits, stunning music videos, and great performances. However, among these beautiful ladies, there is a talented actress. Yes, we are talking about Jisoo.

Last year, the beloved Idol finally debuted on the small screen. She took the lead female role in the popular K-Drama "Snowdrop". This project didn't disappoint BLINK, this love story is beautiful and of course, Jisoo did an awesome job.

'Snowdrop' poster / Twitter @domeblink1

Apparently, the cast of the drama built a strong friendship while working together. Even now these artists are still showing their love for each other. this is what Jisoo did to support Kim Jong Soo's new movie.

Jisoo and Rose attend the 'Hunt' premiere

On August 2nd Rose and Jisoo of BLACKPINK were spotted at the "Hunt" premiere. This Korean action film stars Lee Jung JaeJung Woo Sung, and more talented actors. Jisoo was there to support Kim Jong Soo.

Rose and Jisoo at the 'Hunt' premiere / Twitter @PinkyVarshi

A few hours later the Idol dropped on her Instagram account a picture of the movie theater. In this photo, we see the cast of the movie. She added some hearts next to her beloved colleague and didn't forget to tag him.

Jisoo's Intagram story / Twitter @misskoreaJisoo

Kim Jong Soo played the role of Mandong in the drama 'Snowdrop'. It seems like these talented artists became close friends. Their pictures cannot lie, they are adorable!

Jisoo and Kim Jong Soo / Twitter @onewaywithchu

It is not the first time Jisoo shows her love for the cast of this K-Drama. Despite having a super busy schedule, the beautiful singer always finds time to support her colleagues. She is really sweet!

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