Jisoo from BLACKPINK Jisoo from BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK's Jisoo reveals what is her favorite fashion style

No one can deny that all the members of BLACKPINK have a good taste. Jisoo finally confessed her favorite style for fashion.

A few days ago the Internet went crazy with photos of the beautiful Jisoo. The members of BLACKPINK attend the Dior fashion show in Seoul, Korea.

The Idol was wearing a mini black dress from this luxurious brand. Those who chose Jisoo as ambassador of Dior did a good job. She is a sophisticated lady and her image fits perfectly with the fashion house.


The singer of "Lovesick Girls" explained why her fashion taste goes pretty well with Dior. This is what she said.

Jisoo love the classic fashion style

The official Youtube of the fashion brand Dior dropped a video that shows how Jisoo got ready for the Dior Fall 2022 show. After the show was over she was asked about her favorite outfit of the collection. This was her anserwd:

It's hard  to choose just one, but I'd have to say that my all-time favorite silhouettes were the elegant and classy dresses at the end.

Jisoo talking about the fashion show / By @BLACKPINKVNZL

She added that she likes the modern style that uses animal print as well. About the makeup, the Idol confesses that she was focused on the beautiful eye makeup and the glowing nude lips. Apparently, Jisoo really enjoys the street 'smart chic style' of the Dior collection.

Honestly, Jisoo looks gorgeous in all the styles. We are recalling her rookie days during the "BOOMBAYAH" age. Back then, the group used to wear more edgy and rock style clothes.

The natural elegance of Jisoo reflects her classic fashion style. In your opinion, what type of clothes look the best for the Idol?

Do you want to see the BLACKPINK members during their trainee days? Check this article to see some pictures.

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