Jisoo is the favorite ambassador of Dior Jisoo is the favorite ambassador of Dior

BLACKPINK's Jisoo is Dior's most beloved ambassador and here's why

Dior really loves Jisoo and the BLACKPINK idol is the most loved ambassador of the brand, this new event proves it

BLACKPINK's Jisoo is an ambassador for Dior and the brand showed how important the idol is with a new event that will surprise the world.

BLACKPINK members are really powerful girls in the industry. Due to their work as a group, all these idols have made millions of fans around the world who support their projects, collaborations and others without limit. It's great to see them succeed both together and alone.

And it is that the girls of BP not only work in the music industry, they are also dedicated to modeling, for example, they are also ambassadors of important brands in fashion. Kim Jisoo has also worked as an actress and this is how BLACKPINK's kingdom extends to many other fields.

Jisoo especially works with Dior, a great brand for makeup, clothing, jewelry, and more. Jisoo has been a special guest at some events of this company outside of Korea, so we saw her at Paris Fashion Week and we love her outfit and her participation in this great ceremony.

Dior will have something special in South Korea and... do you know why they decided to do it there? This shows that Jisoo is the most beloved ambassador of this brand.

Dior proves BLACKPINK's Jisoo is their favorite ambassador with this event in Korea

The truth is that Dior had never selected South Korea to hold a show before, but the brand's creative director decided to hold an event in Jisoo's birthplace, choosing the most prestigious location as well. This is the power of the BLACKPINK idol as a brand ambassador.

Jisoo is Dior's favorite ambassador | Twitter: @jsneverknows

The Dior models are already in South Korea and very soon the country will have this great catwalk that will put Jisoo's name on high as well.

When is the Dior event in Korea?

The Dior show in Korea will take place on April 30, 2022. It will show the Fall 2022 collection of the prestigious fashion brand and everything is ready for the big event.

Dior's fashion show in Korea | Twitter: @BPINKLATINO

So we hope to see Jisoo at this Dior fashion show that will be simply spectacular and for the first time held in Korea thanks to the power of Kim Jisoo.

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