Jisoo at the WJSN concert Jisoo at the WJSN concert

BLACKPINK's Jisoo gives presents to BLINK during WJSN concert in Seoul

BLACKPINK's Jisoo attended the Cosmic Girls concert in Seoul to support her close friend Bona. At the end of the event, she also took care of the fans with a small present.

BLACKPINK members are some of the hottest superstars of the moment global. These beautiful ladies have been working with some of the most exclusive and luxurious fashion brands in the world.

Despite the group being on hiatus the eyes of the world are always looking for what these Idols are doing. No matter the massive popularity, the singer of "Kill This Love" are very grounded. The girls are always talking about how important family and friends are in their lives.

BLACKPINK for 'Kill This Love' / Twitter @BLACKPINKVNZL

Jisoo, the older of the group, has an adorable personality and the fans love it. The affectionate Idol is constantly taking care of those who she loves the most. That includes the rest of the members, her relatives, friends, and BLINK. Her recent actions are the proof of it.

Jisoo shows her love for Cosmic Girls' Bona and Blink the same night

On June 11th (KST) Cosmic Girls held its concert "WONDERLAND" in Seoul. In order to support her friend Bona, Jisoo of BLACKPINK attended the event. The public noticed the presence of the Idol and too many were anxious to greet her.

Jisoo at WJSN  concert / Twitter @JisooBrasil

At the end of the WJSN concert, there were tons of fans waiting for her.  While Jisoo's car was leaving, the singer rolled down the window to say hi to BLINK. The lucky fanatics, were surprised when the Idols gave them a bag full of candies.

Jisoo giving candies to the fans / Twitter @JisooPeruBP

Immediately, BLINK took social media to share their experience. Jisoo is really sweet! she knew that the fans were waiting for her, as usual, she tried to take care of them.

BLINK's post / Twitter @lalisaimpact

The Internet is going crazy right now, the world loves her even more after seeing her adorable behavior. She even asked the manager to drive loe speed to great more fans. Would you like to receive some candies from Jisoo?

Jisoo is a spolier Queen. Read here to know more about her hints for BLACKPINK's comeback.

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