Jisoo and Bona show their friendship once again Jisoo and Bona show their friendship once again

BLACKPINK's Jisoo celebrates WJSN's Queendom win with Bona

Jisoo and Bona have a great friendship so the BLACKPINK idol couldn't help but congratulate her bestie on WJSN's win on Queendom

BLACKPINK's Jisoo couldn't help but congratulate her WJSN bestie on the girl group's win on 'Queendom' and so she celebrated with Bona.

BLACKPINK is one of the biggest K-Pop girl groups in the entire industry. The 4 members of this group have worked hard since their debut to present the best music and performances for their fans. And they have really taken over a large part of the public thanks to their talents.

On the other hand, WJSN or Cosmic Girls is another amazing K-Pop group also made up of girls, they debuted in 2016 just like BP and since then they have also shown the best of their music, performances and more for the loyal fans who follow them. this girlgroup.

Other than debut year, what else do BLACKPINK and WJSN have in common? Well, between two of the idols of both bands there is a beautiful friendship. Jisoo and Bona are great friends, for some time they have shown a beautiful friendship that fans love to see and admire.

This time, we had a new interaction from WJSN and BLACKPINK, as the first girl group won on the show 'Queendom' and Jisoo couldn't stay without celebrating Bona.

BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Bona celebrate WJSN's victory in Queendom on Instagram

WJSN's Bona posted some photos celebrating her girl group's win on survival show 'Queendom', so Jisoo was there to party with her friend even if it was on Instagram with a little comment. This interaction was very nice and shows us that both idols are still in contact and have a beautiful friendship.

Jisoo celebrated with Bona on Instagram | Instagram: @bn_95819

This is how Bona and Jisoo celebrated WJSN's triumph in Queendom, we love these K-Pop besties, their interactions are simply amazing.

 How did Jisoo and Bona meet? This is how their friendship was formed

Jisoo and Bona became friends only with hints for fans. Bona was once asked in a fan meeting who she wanted to be her friend and the WJSN idol said that Jisoo not only admired her, she also thought she was very cool. Bona always commented on Kim Jisoo's posts on Instagram and it seems that this social network was where they became friends.

Jisoo and Bona | Twitter: @beautkdrama

So now you know a little more about this cute friendship between Jisoo and Bona, we love everything about them and we want to keep seeing their great interactions.

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