BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Rose BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Rose

BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Rose attend the premiere of 'Decision to Leave' with a new hairstyle

BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Rose were seeing at the premiere of the film "Decision to Leave". BLINK is shocked by Rose's new hairstyle.  

Despite having enjoyed some great solo projects, BLINK is waiting to hear some news about a comeback for BLACKPINK. The group dropped "The Album" in October 2020. The hiatus is making the fans crazy.

All the members are constantly in the public light, attending any kind of exclusive events. Anyways, the fanatics want to see the members together on stage again. Of curse, we all want to listen to more music from the K-Pop sensation.

BLACKPINK members / Twitter @amixblink

Since the waiting has been long, every single hint can make the fandom very excited hoping it could be a comeback sign. This is what happened after noticing Rose's new hairstyle. Here is all the information.

BLINK is shocked by the pictures of Jisoo and Rose at the premiere of "Decision to Leave"

On June 21st (KST) was held the VIP premiere of the movie "Decision to Leave". The members of BLACKPINK, Jisoo and Rose attend the event wearing comfy clothes but looking gorgeous as usual.

Jisoo at the 'Decision To Leave' premiere / Twitter @Blackpink88xo

Jisoo dropped various stories on her Instagram account to support the actress Jung Yi Seo. These talented ladies work together in the K-Drama "Snowdrop" in 2021. The Idol is a super loyal friend.

Rose shows her new hairstyle / Twitter @Blackpink88xo

BLINK reactions to these photos all over the Internet. In the first place, all the fans are happy to see the girls having a good time together. On the other hand, Rose appeared with a new hairstyle, her pretty hair is long again.

Recently, the Idol cut her hair, and obviously, she looked awesome. However, the fanatics are suspecting about this big change. Is Rose filming something for BLACKPINK's comeback? Jisoo already said that they were recording. We are waiting for more news about it.

What do you think about her new hairstyle?

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