Jennie will appear on this HBO series Jennie will appear on this HBO series

BLACKPINK's Jennie would appear in The Idol, a new HBO series with a lot of artists

'The Idol' will be a new HBO series featuring some of our favorite music artists, including BLACKPINK's Jennie

It seems that Jennie will make her debut as an actress in Hollywood as the BLACKPINK idol will appear in this new HBO series.

BLACKPINK has amazing artists among their ranks, all of them working hard on their songs and performances that really charm all the fans. Among the BP idols we find Kim Jennie, an extremely talented and charismatic woman in whom we find a lot of qualities to admire.

Jennie has performed as a rapper, singer, and dancer for BLACKPINK since her debut with the girl group. She has also shined solo with her debut 'Solo' which wowed audiences and showcased more of her amazing talents in the studio and on stage. Her solo single was a hit and remains one of BLINK's favourites.

Also, Jennie works as an ambassador for Chanel and in her spare time she likes to have fun. A few months ago we saw her traveling in the United States, she went to the Coachella festival and also to a private party in Los Angeles where she shared time with other international artists such as The Weeknd.

And this time, Jennie will share time with The Weeknd again as both stars will appear in a new HBO series, what will the BLACKPINK idol's debut as an actress in Hollywood be like?

BLACKPINK's Jennie to appear with The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, and more artists on HBO series The Idol

It has been announced that HBO is working on a new series called 'The Idol', in this we will be able to see different musical stars like Jennie from BLACKPINK, The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, Lily-Rose Depp and more artists. This production will be about a pop star who starts dating a club owner who actually heads a strange cult.

Jennie will appear in The Idol, a new HBO series | Twitter: @blackpinkbabo

The role that Jennie will have in 'The Idol' will be small or maybe it will only be a cameo but we will see her acting for the first time and it will not even be in a K-Drama, but in an HBO series, isn't this great?

When will HBO's The Idol premiere?

According to HBO's 'The Idol' information, it will premiere at the end of 2022. The series is still filming, so we will have to wait until November-December to see Jennie in this amazing new series on HBO, right? Do you have everything ready to see this idol as an actress?

The Idol will be available on HBO | Twitter: @targaryen_the

We can only wait patiently to be able to see Jennie on HBO, her participation in this new series will be great and we will surely love it because it has a very interesting plot.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Lisa who brought a lot of earnings for Bvlgari as their global ambassador. 

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