Jennie was injured while filrming 'The Idol' Jennie was injured while filrming 'The Idol'

BLACKPINK's Jennie worked hard on HBO's The Idol despite being injured

Jennie had a cameo in 'The Idol', and despite being injured and having a lot of work, she filmed her part as planned

A dancer had to cover Jennie's position in 'The Idol', as it seems that the BLACKPINK member was injured while filming her scenes for this HBO series.

We know very well that the members of BLACKPINK are extremely talented and dedicated to their work. They are great figures in K-Pop who give their best in every comeback and performance for their fans. Among the idols of this group we find the beloved Kim Jennie.

Jennie has performed as a singer, rapper, and dancer for BP. Since the debut of her girl group, she has worked hard to show her best to BLINK and we have seen it in each of the group's releases. We also saw it in her debut solo with 'Solo' which gave fans more music to enjoy from this idol as a solo artist.

But music is not the only field in which Jennie can perform professionally, she is also an excellent model and now we know that she would easily stand out as an actress as well. During her stay in the United States, Jennie was part of a new HBO series.

This is 'The Idol' where we could see her with some cameos, but it seems that the filming of this series did not go so well for Jennie as it was revealed that she was actually injured while on the recording set, what was the what happened?

What happened to BLACKPINK's Jennie on The Idol? It seems that she was injured while filiming the HBO series

Dancer Chelsea Fuji confessed that she would cover for Jennie in 'The Idol', because even though the BLACKPINK member had a lot of work due to her schedule for Korea and was actually injured during filming, she gave her best to the series and the parts in which it appeared.

Jennie was super busy with super strict Korean work and worked hard despite her injuries

Chelsea Fuji talked about Jennie in The Idol | Twitter: @JENNIEBPMEXICO

Wow, this is just a sample of the professionalism with which Jennie performs, BLINK is proud of her work and will support her in this series.

BLINK hopes that Jennie rests and recovers from her injuries, showing her their support and love.

Upon hearing this news, BLINK only wishes for Jennie's sake and they want her to rest and get well. They know that the comeback and world tour is near and they hope that Jen will not force herself too much for this and work without being physically and mentally well. All of her fans have been showing her support on social media.

BLINK is showing their support for Jennie | Twitter: @JAILSETTER

We also hope that Jennie's injuries get better and that she feels really ready when BP has their comeback and world tour.

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