Jennie was spotted in 2022 Coachella Jennie was spotted in 2022 Coachella

BLACKPINK's Jennie was spotted having fun at 2022 Coachella

Jennie couldn't miss Coachella and a lot of fans spotted her at the crowd in this festival

Coachella is one of the most important festivals in music in BLACKPINK's Jennie had to live this one as a fan, so she was on the festival and a lot of fans saw her having a lot of fun.

BLACKPINK makes music but its members also love music, so it's pretty normal to get to know more about these idols' taste in music. Sometimes they will reveal a little more about the bands or artists they love to listen to through dance covers.

Jennie, for example, is a great music fan and she loves to dance to other singers' songs, like she did with Kali Uchis and Justin Bieber, it means that this idol loves to listen to a lot of artists from different countries. She also loves Korean music, as we know she used to listen to a lot of YG groups and that's why she joined the agency.

And Kim Jennie also loves going to concerts, fans have spotted her at these events in Korea, like when we sar her at WINNER's Mino concert, so we know that this idol enjoys music a lot. And he couldn't miss out one of the best and most important festivals in music.

So, Jennie attended to 2022 Coachella and a lot of fans could see her having fun at the festival, this is how she was spotted in the audience.

Jennie had a lot of fun during 2022 Coachella, she had a great time at the festival

Some fans spotted BLACKPINK's Jennie in 2022 Coachella, both dates of the festival and she was in the front-row for some shows. She even shared some time with Jaden Smith and fans wanted her to post a picture with the outfits she was wearing for this event.

Jennie shared some time with Fai Khadra too.

Jennie and Fai Khadra | Twitter: @NJARCHIVED

 And this was Jennie during the second date of the festival.

Jennie at 2022 Coachella | Twitter: @partytime666

Did Jennie watched 2NE1 perform at 2022 Coachella?

As you might know, the legendary group 2NE1 had a kind of comeback in 2022 Coachella, did Jennie saw this idol group? It seems like some fans are posting a picture of Jennie in the crowd but it wasn't while 2NE1 was performing, it was during Brockhampton, so we don't know if she watched the idol group perform.

And speaking about 2NE1, here we tell you everything about their reunion in Coachella, it was such an amazing moment for K-Pop fans. 

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