Jennie supported WOODZ in his latest comeback Jennie supported WOODZ in his latest comeback

BLACKPINK's Jennie showed WOODZ a lot of support for his latest comeback

WOODZ is an amazing solo artist who wowed the world with his new comeback and BLACKPINK's Jennie was there to support him

'I Hate You' is the new song from WOODZ in which this soloist became a rocker and impressed many fans. In addition to having great support from Jennie, the BLACKPINK idol showed her love for the album 'Colorful Trauma'.

Jennie is one of the BLACKPINK members who has freely expressed her support and affection for many of her other colleagues in K-Pop. She has attended concerts, shared songs and others that she likes a lot and that she wants her fans to listen to as well to continue supporting more artists.

On the other hand, WOODZ is a solo artist who has performed as a rapper, singer, and even a model. In 2014 he debuted with the idol group UNIQ, and in 2016 it was him when he debuted solo. Since then he has worked a lot on his own music and also with the M.O.L.A collective made up of other Korean artists.

And what do WOODZ and Jennie have in common? Well, both artists are extremely talented and have unique styles, are dedicated to their work and so on. But it seems that they also have an incredible friendship that everyone would envy.

This time they showed their love, with Jennie fully supporting WOODZ on his latest comeback album 'Colorful Trauma'. How did the BLACKPINK idol support him?

BLACKPINK's Jennie shows her love for WOODZ by sharing one of his songs from Colorful Trauma

Through her Instagram Stories, BLACKPINK's Jennie shared the song 'Hope To Be Like You' from WOODZ's newest album 'Colorful Trauma'. In addition to posting a screenshot, she added a small congratulations for the soloist showing great support for his music.

Congratulations, Seungyoun-ie!

Jennie supporting WOODZ | Instagram: @jennierubyjane

 Many Jennie fans turned up to listen and support WOODZ's new album, finding a new favorite artist thanks to the BLACKPINK idol's recommendation.

Jennie and WOODZ have had a beautiful friendship where they have always shown great support

Previously, fans of Jennie and WOODZ had already noticed interactions between the two artists, they are good friends, in fact, and on other occasions they have shown great support and affection. It's just great, everyone should have a cool friendship like WOODZ and Jennie.

Jennie sent WOODZ a signed BLACKPINK album:

WOODZ with his BLACKPINK album | Twitter: @fluffyouns

WOODZ performed a cover of 'Solo' by Jennie:


And here's how Jennie also sent a present for WOODZ once:

Jennie sent WOODZ a present | Twitter: @fluffyouns

Isn't this friendship just amazing? We love all the WOODZ and Jennie great interactions, they seem to be real close and that's pretty cool.

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