Jennie was in Paris and no one knew about it Jennie was in Paris and no one knew about it

BLACKPINK's Jennie returned to Korea from her secret trip to France, where did she go?

BLINK was shocked to see Jennie returning to Korea from France, but no one knew about the trip of this BLACKPINK member

Why did Jennie travel to France? No one knew that the idol was there until she was seen at the airport returning from her trip.

BLACKPINK is a very popular K-Pop girl group, the idols of this band have worked hard on their music and performances for their fans. Among its members we find extremely talented and dedicated women, with great personalities and charisma and with extremely spectacular visuals.

One of the members of BP is Kim Jennie, this idol is quite popular, her voice is amazing and so is her way of rapping. She is an excellent dancer, she has also worked as a model and brand ambassador within fashion. This artist has a lot of fans, BLINK always gives her full support.

It is common to know that Jennie is in activities even outside of music, due to her work as an ambassador. This idols keeps her schedule busy. But we know very well that she also takes time to have fun, do what she likes the most. Like a few months ago we saw her at Coachella.

This time, Jennie went on a secret trip, no one actually knew that the BLACKPINK idol had left Korea and actually went to France, what did she do there?

BLACKPINK's Jennie traveled to Paris and nobody knew, what did the idol do in France?

K-Media started reporting that Jennie had returned from Paris to Korea, the press saw her at the airport. According to her information she returned to her country after her activities abroad ended. Some fans know that there were some of Jennie's friends in Paris and that she may have met them there.

Jennie at the airport | Twitter: @blackpinkbabo

Maybe Jennie met WOODZ in Paris, she traveled there from Los Angeles, where she was. She is now back in Korea and fans are happy that she is back safely and well.

What will Jennie do now that she's back in Korea?

BLINK believes that now that Jennie has returned to Korea, BLACKPINK will start filming their MV and continue preparations to finalize everything for the K-Pop group's comeback in August. Fans are looking forward to sneak peeks and teasers soon.

BLACKPINK will start their comeback activities now that Jennie is back | Twitter: @aescharts

Yaay! We're sure there'll be a lot of new things for BLINK, this comeback will be legendary after BLACKPINK's long hiatus (which we all survived!).

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, do you want to know who's the tallest member of this girl group? 

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