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BLACKPINK's Jennie opens about her mental and physical health

Jennie from BLACKPINK has revealed her current method to take care of herself. She had confessed how the busy schedules affected her.

Since its debut, BLACKPINK got massive popularity thanks to the powerful stage presence of the members. Mostly all the singles of this group became an instant success after their release.

The life of these beautiful Idols seems to be full of luxury and glamour. However, not everything is perfect in their personal lives. Being under the public light is not a walk in the park.

BLACKPINK members / By @NetflixLAT

Jennie has finally the health problems she had to face due to the busy schedule of the K-Pop Sensation. We are telling you everything.

Jennie reveals how she takes care of herself nowadays

Recently, BLACKPINK was the protagonist of the latest edition of the popular magazine Rolling Stone. During the interview, Jennie was asked about the things she thinks the most these days. The Idol answered that she wants to stay healthy mentally and physically.

Jennie for Rolling Stone / By @solvsbp

She explained that back in 2019-2020 the group worked a lot without resting. The singer added that she didn't want to talk about it before to don't make BLINK worried. She said:

Our sleep systems were breaking down. We weren't eating properly.

I wasn't hydrating myself.

Jennie mentioned that this type of routine affected her badly during BLACKPINK's tour. The Idols is a very delicate person -gets sick easily- so, now that she is more mature is looking for a way to stay healthy.

For me, so far, when I'm good in my body, I feel happier and healthier. I meditate. do yoga, Pilates, etc. And Have good people around you that you can trust. And pets.

Jennie for Rolling Stone / By @jenniedinamicas

After talking with family and friends, Jennie found help to overcome her 'weakness'. The Idol said she is still learning.

We are wishing the best for Jennie.

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