Jennie impressed this drummer with her rap skills Jennie impressed this drummer with her rap skills

BLACKPINK's Jennie once impressed The Chainsmokers' Matt McGuire with her rap

Jennie's power and strength as a BLACKPINK rapper once impressed The Chainsmokers' drummer

Jennie is one of the rappers from BLACKPINK and has not only delighted BLINK with her talents, but also other artists who recognize her power as a rapper.

BLACKPINK is an excellent K-Pop group that has brought great joy to millions of fans around the world. This is one of the most powerful girl groups in the industry and this is thanks to the skills of the 4 members that are part of the band. They complement each other very well in the studio and on stage.

Among the members of BLACKPINK we find Kim Jennie who has served as a singer, dancer and rapper of the idol group. In each song there is a special touch of this excellent artist that she has been able to highlight thanks to her beautiful voice but also to her agile verses.

So we can admire a lot of Jennie and her musical abilities, she really is great on stage, in the studio. And although she chose to be more melodic with her voice in her solo, there is no doubt that she is also a great rapper and that she exploits all her talents in BP's songs.

This is why once upon a time, Jennie impressed an artist who is even from outside Korea with her rap, she managed to catch the attention of Matt McGuire, the drummer of The Chainsmokers.

Matt McGuire, the drummer of The Chainsmokers showed his admiration for BLACKPINK's Jennie as a rapper

Matt McGuire who serves as the drummer for The Chainsmokers once revealed his admiration for BLACKPINK's Jennie by listening to her rap at 'Ddu-du Ddu-ddu' Coachella Live Performance. He was really impressed by the BP idol, she's just great.

As you can see it, he called Jennie as a machine, she's amazing at rapping, we know it Matt. This is how the idol impressed this musician.

Actually, Matt McGuire might be a big BLACKPINK fan

Matt McGuire tends to upload some drum covers on YouTube and he actually posted one of 'How You Like That', isn't it great? Is he a BLACKPINK fan? Well, we know that he really liked this song and he gave a really cool touch to it with his drum cover.


We're happy to see that more musicians and artists over the world show respect and admiration for BLACKPINK and their members.

Keep reading more about BP, here we tell you more about their next comeback which is finally confirmed by YG Entertainment.

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