Jennie inspires LIGHTSUM Jennie inspires LIGHTSUM

BLACKPINK's Jennie is a big inspiration for LIGHTSUM members

BLACKPINK not only inspires BLINK, but also new K-Pop artists like LIGHTSUM idols who look up to Jennie

BLACKPINK's impact is impressive and its members have managed to serve as role models for new generations in K-Pop, as confirmed by the LIGHTSUM girls.

BLACKPINK is a K-Pop group that debuted in 2016, among its members we find extremely talented and influential girls thanks to their great power within music. One of the idols in this girl group is Kim Jennie, who always dreamed of becoming an idol by admiring many of YG Entertainment's groups.

Jennie is a very skilled girl, she can sing, rap and dance. In addition, she has also worked as a model on many occasions, she has become an ambassador of one of the most important brands in fashion and this only makes more and more people admire this artist.

It is normal to see that BLINK is so inspired by Jennie and the rest of the BP idols, since it is the fandom that is in charge of showing its love, support and admiration for said idols. But they are also inspiring more artists especially in K-Pop who see them as role models.

This time, the members of LIGHTSUM showed how much they admire BLACKPINK idols, especially Jennie who is the role model of all the girls in this group.

LIGHTSUM's Yujeong And Nayoung confess that most of the group members have BLACKPINK's Jennie as their role model

LIGHTSUM's Yujeong and Nayoung went to the 'TMI News' program, in which the idols said that most of the members in their girl group have Jennie as a role model. They really look up to the BLACKPINK idol and even did a dance cover of 'Lovesick Girls' to show their fanatism for her and her group.

 It's great to see how Jennie has inspired these new generations in K-Pop, they will surely be stronger in the future with a role model like the talented Kim Jennie.

Jennie inspires other people, but what inspires her?

BLINK is Jennie's inspiration, once she said it in a video call with a fan who said she was happy and inspired thanks to the existence of BLACKPINK. Jenn replied with the same thing because her fans also inspire her and are the ones who make BP exist.

BLINK inspires Jennie | Twitter: @_yukiis

Let's keep admiring Jennie and all of her work as an artist, and as a human too, she's amazing to BLINK and we know that she loves BLINK as much as their fans do it.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK, here we tell you more about their debut song, which one was the first? They took the stage with this track. 

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