Jennie in a party in Los Angeles Jennie in a party in Los Angeles

BLACKPINK's Jennie has fun in this amazing party with many other stars

Jennie attended to the 'I Like You, You're Weird' party with a lot of artists and this is what happened

BLACKPINK's Jennie is enjoying her time in the US, the idol went to the 'I Like You, You're Weird' party in which she shared some time with many other international artists.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular girl groups in K-Pop, there are a lot of artists who have collaborated with these Asian singers who are ruling the world and international music industry and they also have a lot of friends.

Like Jennie, we've seen this BP member hang out with a lot of other stars, last year, the idols visited the US and they were together with Grimes, for example, and that's how we got to know that both artists were friends.

This year, Kim Jennie took the chance to visti the US once more and attended to the 2022 Coachella festival, fans spotted her having a lot of fun in during the performances of some artists and we know she was very happy to enjoy this time with friends.

And we're guessing that Jennie is staying in America until the next weekend for the festival and in the mean time she decided to go to 'I Like You, You're Weird' party where many other stars gathered.

BLACKPINK's Jennie attended to the I Like You, You're Weird party with many other artists

Jennie went to the 'I Like You, You're Weird' party at Terminal 27 with her friends. The event included Simi & Haze Khadra, Fai Khadra, The Weeknd and was hosted by Kendall Jenner, Brockhampton, Hunter Schafer and Sabrina Carpenter. That's how the idol had fun with many other stars.

As you can see, Jennie had a lot of fun in this event full of stars and more friends of the idol, it was good to see her enjoy this party that took place in Los Angeles.

Jennie stole looks when she arrived to Los Angeles

Some fans took photos of Jennie when she arrived or was hangin out in Los Angeles, and everyone loved her looks, she's just beautiful, here we have some of her pictures there.

BLACKPINK's Jennie in Los Angeles | Twitter: @blackpinkfuls

Jennie is just enjoying her time in the US, we love to see her having a lot of fun and maybe she'll go back to Korea soon.

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