Jennie looks amazing with her natural beauty on her way to Paris Jennie looks amazing with her natural beauty on her way to Paris

BLACKPINK's Jennie amazes with her natural beauty on her way to Paris

Jennie is on her way to Paris Fashion Week and this BLACKPINK member left everyone at the airport in awe with her amazing visuals

BLACKPINK's members beauty is just incredible and this time, Jennie proves once again the her sightliness is just stunning. She'll get to Paris soon but this was her appearance at the airport.

BLACKPINK is a great K-Pop icon, this girl group is one of the most popular ones around the world, the four girls who are part of it are very talented and have great abilities for singing and dancing. That's why these idolshave conquered a lot of hearts all over the planet.

The BLACKPINK's members have a huge impact in BLINK, their loyal fandom that never fails when it comes to show their love, admiration and support for BP's artists. But they are also a great hit when it comes to fashion, these idols have been working as ambassadors for some important brands in this industry.

That's how Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa have approached a new market through their collabs with companies such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and Celine, for example. And these singers are special guests at events like Fashion Week.

This time, Jennie is the one who's traveling to Paris for Fashion Week but she charmed everyone with her amazing looks, that's how her natural beauty works.

BLACKPINK's Jennie charms everyone at the airport with her natural beauty, she's traveling to Paris

Jennie is traveling to Paris so she had to take her flight at Incheon airport where there were a lot of photographers and fans who were charmed by the idol's natural beauty, it's not only that her airport outfit was on point, but her visuals were also stunning.

This is how Jennie was looking at the airport | Twitter: @Sophia_Edits

Jennie looks amazingly good with this airport fashion, but we also appreciate her natural beauty that stunned everyone at the airport. BLACKPINK is full of talent and sightliness.

 Why is BLACKPINK's Jennie traveling to Paris?

As ambassador for CHANEL, Jennie is a special guest for Paris Fashion Week, so there's where we'll see her, in different events and visiting the catwalks of this important event. The idol will show a lot more from her style during these activities.

Jennie is ready for Paris Fashion Week | Twitter: @official_jensoo

So, get ready for new appearances of Jennie at Fashion Week, we're sure she'll slay with her looks and bring joy to BLINK once again.

Get to know more about BLACKPINK and its members, here are the idols' training periods, for how long did they train before debut?

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