Get to know everything about BLACKPINK x Rolling Stone Get to know everything about BLACKPINK x Rolling Stone

BLACKPINK x Rolling Stone have a project prepared, what surprises will it bring?

It seems that BLACKPINK will not only appear on the cover of Rolling Stone, there will be more of the idol group that we will see with the magazine, when does their project start?

BLACKPINK in Rolling Stone is not just any event and the group and the magazine have a project prepared that will start very soon, what will it be about?

BLACKPINK is the most relevant K-Pop girl group, these idols have proven to have everything it takes to shine on stage and in the international music industry. This has earned the group the respect and admiration of fans, other artists and even critics.

This is why BLACKPINK and its members are now fully recognized worldwide. In awards, programs, interviews and others where not only the talents of the idols are appreciated but also all the characteristics of these 4 girls that make up BP are highlighted.

So this time it's no surprise to know that one of the most legendary and important magazines in the music industry will add BLACKPINK to its next cover. Rolling Stone is a great medium that has covered music for decades and this time they invited idols for something special.

Well, BLACKPINK will not only appear on the cover of Rolling Stone, the group and the magazine have prepared a project that will start sooner than we thought, when will it be?

BLACKPINK and Rolling Stone will kick off their special project very soon

This Monday, May 23, 2022, the BLACKPINK x Rolling Stone project will start, the magazine released a poster with schedules that give us clues that something big will start. In this are the hours of various cities such as Seoul, Los Angeles, Sydney, Mexico City and more. According to the information, it will be a whole week with content for the fans.

BLACKPINK x Rolling Stone project begins on Monday | Twitter: @BPGlobalNews

Are you ready for this collaboration? We will love everything that BLACKPINK and Rolling Stone have prepared for the world, this project will be very interesting and who knows, maybe it is even linked to the girl group's comeback.

#BLACKPINKxRollingStone is trending on Twitter and the magazine says they haven't even started yet

BLINK is showing a lot of support for BLACKPINK on Rolling Stone so the hashtag #BLACKPINKxRollingStone is trending on Twitter, something that surprised even the magazine who tweeted that they haven't even started yet and are already trending big.

Rolling Stone and BLACKPINK trending on TW | Twitter: @RollingStone

We are very excited about this great project of BLACKPINK and Rolling Stone, something big and global is coming up with the idols as protagonists and we can't wait to find out what it is about.

We have a quiz for you, if you're a BLINK, then find out who from BLACKPINK would be your best firiend, you'll match one of the idols.

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