BLACKPINK will have a world tour soon BLACKPINK will have a world tour soon

BLACKPINK will have a world tour after their comeback, when will their concerts start?

BLACKPINK's comeback will be something huge and exciting, as it will not only bring new music, but also a new tour

Although we have been waiting a lot for BLACKPINK's comeback, it will have big surprises and a world tour is also in sight for the end of this year.

BLINK has been patiently waiting for new music from BLACKPINK. It's been quite a while since the last time the girl group had a comeback. Although the music and projects of the idols have not been lacking, fans really miss seeing them together on stage.

Although the wait may be difficult, we know it will be worth it. The talents of the BLACKPINK idols are amazing and despite the idol group's long hiatus, they remain in the top positions of streaming on digital platforms. Definitely nothing has stopped BP and as soon as they have their comeback they will break all records.

We can't wait any longer for new music from this girl group, they have really tried hard to show their best. Jisoo has already given several spoilers that we will soon have BLACKPINK's long-awaited comeback, we just have to wait a little longer.

And the best thing is that BLACKPINK's comeback will also bring other surprises. The girl group is expected to have a world tour after their new album, when will it start?

After their comeback, BLACKPINK will also have a world tour, when will it start?

According to K-Media who was able to speak with one of the YG Entertainment CEOs, it was revealed that after BLACKPINK's comeback, the girl group will also have a world tour. According to the information, the comeback would be scheduled from July to September. While the World Tour would start at the end of the year, from October to December.

BLACKPINK will have a world tour after their comeback | Twitter: @bp_pinksz

We are sure that very soon we will have confirmed news of BLACKPINK's comeback. The idols are going to surprise us with their new music and performances.

BLACKPINK designer gives another comeback hint

Jonathan Morales, the Mexican designer who has worked with Lisa before, uploaded a peculiar outfit to his Instagram Stories that could also represent a sign of BLACKPINK's comeback. OMG, we can't wait to find out.

Will this be BLACKPINK's comeback outfit? | Instagram: @jonathanmorales

Excitement is building more around BLACKPINK's comeback and now with the news of a world tour, everything is even cooler. We can not wait any longer!

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its comeback, here we have something that Jisoo said about it, how would their comeback be? 

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