BLACKPINK to appear in Rolling Stone's cover BLACKPINK to appear in Rolling Stone's cover

BLACKPINK will appear on the cover of Rolling Stone, making history for the magazine

The great power of BLACKPINK will come to Rolling Stone, the girl group will appear on the cover of this magazine

BLACKPINK has reached the maximum in the music industry and this time the idols will be recognized in a magazine as important as Rolling Stone.

BLACKPINK is probably the most popular girl group in K-Pop right now. 4 girls who were trainees of YG Entertainment, joined their skills to make the best teamwork and shine together with their songs and performances that many fans in the world now enjoy.

Since their debut, BLACKPINK managed to capture all the attention of fans who quickly formed BLINK, the faithful fandom that never hesitates to show their love, admiration, and support for BP and its members. As a group or as a solo artist, they achieve success thanks to the love of their fans.

This not only makes BLACKPINK have many album sales and streams on digital platforms, it also makes idols internationally recognized with awards, interviews, shows and more that bring important information about this girl group to all fans around the world.

This time, we will see BLACKPINK on the cover of one of the most important magazines in the music industry, with years of experience and that will bring more of the idols in the next month.

BLACKPINK will take on Rolling Stone in next issue, the girl group will be featured on cover

It has been announced that BLACKPINK will appear on the cover of the important Rolling Stone magazine, for one of the following editions of this magazine, BP will have great relevance. 'BLACKPINK x Rolling Stone' is exciting many fans, as this is a great achievement for the K-Pop group.

BLACKPINK x Rolling Stone | Twitter: @shvtpinks

We can't wait to see the cover of Rolling Stone and also the great interview that the magazine will surely contain with the idols of BLACKPINK, it will be something historic for RS and BP.

BLACKPINK will be the third girl group to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone in the magazine's history

BLACKPINK will also make history with Rolling Stone, as they will be the third girl group to appear on the cover of the magazine in its entire history. The first was Spice Girls in 1997 and the second was Destiny's Child in 2001 and this is quite a record for BP to be taking the cover.

Girl groups on Rolling Stone's cover | Twitter: @shvtpinks

So we just have to wait to see BLACKPINK in Rolling Stone and know what surprises both prepared for the fans, it will be great, we will all want that magazine in our hands.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Lisa who joined iKON's DK in the 'But You' challenge on TikTok. 

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