BLACKPINK and their modern Hanboks BLACKPINK and their modern Hanboks

BLACKPINK was iconic with their modern Hanboks thanks to Jennie, this was her idea

Jennie was revealed to be the one who came up with the idea for BLACKPINK's modern Hanboks on 'How You Like That'

BLACKPINK made a big impact with 'How You Like That' and not only in the music industry, but also in the fashion industry for their modern Hanboks. And it has been revealed that Jennie was the one who had the idea to modify them.

BLACKPINK is an amazing K-Pop girl group with extremely talented idols dedicated to music. They are wonderful both in the studio and on stage and have given their best to be at the top of the music industry internationally, their impact is incredible.

But it is well known that more BP idols not only have an incredible impact in music, they also have great strength in the world of fashion.  And it is that their work as models and ambassadors of various brands in this field has revealed to us that the girls of BLACKPINK also stand out there.

And we can't forget how iconic these artists were with 'How You Like That'.  This song was not only very successful because of its incredible lyrics and rhythms, but also because of the music video that we were able to enjoy in that era.  The most memorable thing about this one was the costumes of the idols that everyone loved.

For 'How You Like That', the members of BLACKPINK wore modern Hanboks that made a huge impact on Korean fashion and now it has been revealed that the idea of wearing them was actually Jennie's, how was the creation of these so original clothes?

Jennie was the one who had the idea for BLACKPINK's iconic modern Hanboks, its designer revealed it

The designer of BLACKPINK's modern Hanboks for 'How You Like That' revealed that it was Jennie who came up with the idea to make them, he says that the idol approached him and said that she wanted to wear a Hanbok but not a traditional one. This is how the idea of modifying them to suit the modern era and the girl group concept for the song was born.

Previously, the idols had said that it was actually like everyone's idea since it seems that they are always connected and have very similar thoughts, they wanted to show the culture of Korea with their costumes.

BLACKPINK set the trend with their modern Hanboks

After BLACKPINK appeared with these Hanboks they became quite a trend, even the first lady of Korea had one. There was also a controversy with a video of TWICE's Dahyun and Chaeyoung as they used similar costumes in it and had to remove those parts from the MV. So in a way BP set the trend not only in K-Pop, but also in Korea.


Maybe in the next comeback, BLACKPINK will impose a new trend again, it will be phenomenal.

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