BLACKPINK might be ready for comeback for this reason BLACKPINK might be ready for comeback for this reason

BLACKPINK visited the practice room and BLINK is excited for this comeback sign

Almost all the members of BLACKPINK have been seen in the idol group's practice room and this is a great sign of their comeback, how soon will it come?

BLACKPINK's long-awaited comeback is closer than we think and the idols have been in charge of giving BLINK all the signs to know that their new music will arrive soon.

It's been a long time since BLACKPINK's last comeback, this happened in 2020 when the idol group released 'The Album', in this it was a full-length album with great songs from the girl group that were a success. But since then they haven't released any more music together.

Although in 2021, we saw the BP girls debut as solo artists, Rosé released 'On The Ground' and Lisa 'Lalisa', which had all the love and support from BLINK becoming huge hits for both idols even solo. Meanwhile, Jisoo concentrated on her work as an actress by starring in the K-Drama 'Snowdrop'.

But of course, fans were still waiting for YG Entertainment to reunite the members of BLACKPINK and they would have a comeback together. A little controversy was even created when the agency released more girl group merch for this 2022, while the fandom wanted new songs and not more products.

And it may be that BLINK's pleas have been heard, as BLACKPINK could have their comeback very soon and the idols are giving new signs that they are already practicing to take the stage together once again.

Is BLACKPINK preparing in the practice room for their comeback? This signal is getting BLINK excited

In the previous days, Jisoo and Lisa were seen going to BLACKPINK's practice room, this day the one who was seen in that place was Jennie. This is a great sign of their comeback and that the members are rehearsing to take on the stage together once again.

BLACKPINK in their practice room | Twitter: @janepink_

BLINK is already very excited with this little news, we can't wait to hear BLACKPINK's new music and see them again taking the stage together as the great girl group they are. How exiting!

When will BLACKPINK's long-awaited comeback be?

Although BLACKPINK's comeback is not completely confirmed, it is estimated that the idols will release new music in the month of June or July, it is not long now. And if they are in the practice room, it could mean that everything is almost ready and that the first teasers of this new BP release may begin in May.

BLACKPINK comeback is gonna be soon | Twitter: @lisamanobal_327

We just have to wait a little bit more and then we'll find out more about BLACKPINK's new music and their long-awaited comeback.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Jennie who supported WOODZ during his last comeback, they're good friends. 

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