BLACKPINK will release a new song BLACKPINK will release a new song

BLACKPINK to officially release Ready For Love MV for their collaboration with PUBG

BLINK knows BLACKPINK's 'Ready For Love' demo very well and tomorrow this song will be officially released with an MV

BLACKPINK is collaborating with PUBG for a virtual concert that BLINK will be able to witness in this video game. But their collaboration will also bring the official release of 'Ready For Love' and a new girl group MV.

BLACKPINK is the most relevant K-Pop girl group in the musical genre. Its popularity is simply gigantic and amazing. In each new comeback they show their great power and their fandom has grown a lot for a while. This is why there were many fans waiting for new music from this group.

Finally, BLACKPINK's comeback is closer, it has been made official that in August the idol group will release new music. And that after said month, they will start with a world tour to be able to meet once again with fans around the entire planet. The world is really waiting for this great moment.

But before all this, BP will have a virtual concert. The girl group has been working in collaboration with the video game PUBG for a while now and this time it will be the platform for a concert that BLINK will be able to witness. They will soon be featuring inside this game and fans can't wait.

In addition, BLACKPINK will officially release one of their most famous demos, tomorrow we will have the premiere of the new song 'Ready For Love' and its MV for which we can't wait any longer.

BLACKPINK will officially release their new song Ready For Love, it will have a MV in collaboration with PUBG

Before 'The Virtual', BLACKPINK's virtual concert in PUBG, the girl group will officially release 'Ready For Love', a song whose demo we already knew, but this time it will be an official track. This will have a music video that will also be in collaboration with the video game and will be released on July 19.

BLACKPINK will release a new MV and song in collaboration with PUBG | Twitter: @blinkstatistic

 The exact time in which the MV and the song will be released has not been revealed, but there are also leaks of it. So just wait.

When will be the virtual concert of BLACKPINK in PUBG?

July 23, 24, 30 and 31 will be the days when BLACKPINK will have their virtual concert in PUBG, fans can start collecting their tickets in-game from July 16, 2022. Don't miss out on this great new experience with BP in this amazing game that everyone loves.

The Virtual is ready for PUBG Mobile fans | Twitter: @PUBGMOBILE

We know this experience will be amazing for BLACKPINK fans, we're gonna have a lot of fun in this virtual concert soon.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Jennie who actually will appear in a HBO series soon and she's in the trailer. 

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