BLACKPINK's hiatus surpassed Red Velvet's hiatus BLACKPINK's hiatus surpassed Red Velvet's hiatus

BLACKPINK surpasses Red Velvet with the longest hiatus of 3rd generation girl groups

BLINK is still waiting for BLACKPINK's comeback and the girl group's hiatus has now been the longest in the 3rd generation

It's sad to wait for the comeback of some of our favorite idol groups and BLACKPINK's hiatus has lasted a long time, so long that it has already surpassed Red Velvet's inactive time, how many days has it been since their last comeback?

BLACKPINK is a great K-Pop group that has dominated the industry for quite some time. We could say that this happened from the moment the girl group debuted and conquered a large part of the public very quickly. The 4 artists that make it up have done a great job.

Although in terms of release, BLINK could complain a bit, as there was a time when BP only supported itself on the basis of singles with one or two songs in each comeback. Which was little for the fans, but they still gave them their full support and love every time the idols took the stage.

Finally, BLACKPINK had a full length album in 2020 and the fans were extremely happy with those new tracks that the idols could enjoy. But after this there has been no BP comeback. Of course, its members have continued to work but in music and individual projects.

So BLACKPINK's hiatus has surpassed Red Velvet's and now BP is the group with the longest hiatus in 3rd generation girl groups.

BLACKPINK is the 3rd generation girl group with the longest hiatus surpassing Red Velvet

BLACKPINK's hiatus has lasted 603 days, which is why this girl group has surpassed Red Velvet's hiatus that lasted 602 days. Now BP is the third generation girl group with the longest idle time. Many fans are sad about this but the truth is that the hope of this idol group's comeback is still latent.

BLACKPINK surpassed Red Velvet's hiatus | Twitter: @shvtpinks

It only remains to wait for BLACKPINK to stop their hiatus and bring new music for BLINK, do you think they will bring a new full lenght album?

Will BLACKPINK have a comeback soon?

Since the beginning of 2022, BLACKPINK's comeback has been rumored a lot, but nothing has been confirmed. YG Entertainment has yet to release anything official and assure us that BLACKPINK will have a new album soon. So BLINK is still waiting, the fandom even complained to the agency demanding more music and less merch.

Everyone is expecting for BLACKPINK's comeback | Twitter: @63slash8

We hope that BLACKPINK will soon bring more music to BLINK and the world as well. We have no doubt that his next album will be full of hits.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Rosé who updated on TikTok with a new hilarious video we all loved. 

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