The Virtual by BLACKPINK The Virtual by BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK sends a shout out to BLINK to promote The Virtual in PUBG Mobile

It's finally D-DAY for BLACKPINK's 'The Virtual' concert at PUBG and they make BLINK excited for this event

BLACKPINK will have a virtual concert in collaboration with PUBG Mobile, 'The Virtual' is almost here, and the idols have sent a message for BLINK not to miss it.

BLACKPINK is an amazing K-Pop group made up of 4 extremely talented and dedicated musicians. In each comeback and performance they imminently shine and continue to break records and place themselves at the top of the international music industry.

BLACKPINK idols are also distinguished by innovating, in addition to being in the music industry they also stand out in the world of fashion. And if that were not enough, they have also been part of a lot of projects in the world of video games.

BP has collaborated with different video games, such as Animal Crossing or PUBG, with whom they have worked on different campaigns and on more than one occasion. Especially with the mobile version where we have an online battle royale game. It's fun and extremely popular.

This time, PUBG Mobile and BLACKPINK have prepared something surprising for BLINK, 'The Virtual' will be a special concert on said platform that the idols invite us to live, this is about to happen.

BLACKPINK invites BLINK to 'The Virtual' with a very special video

PUBG Mobile and BLACKPINK released a video to promote 'The Virtual', the next virtual concert that the idol group will have in said video game. In this one, the girl group idols invite their fans not to miss the event that is almost about to happen on the platform, isn't that great?

So you can't miss this great event on the platform, don't stop following it right now, you can now follow the dynamics in the game to be part of this BLACKPINK event.

The Virtual of BLACKPINK in PUBG Mobile is already today, here we have its schedules

There are only a few hours left until you can see BLACKPINK's 'The Virtual' in PUBG Mobile. Here are the times in which today, July 22, 2022, the event will take place within the video game so that BLINK does not miss it at any time.

The Virtual schedules | Twitter: @011105liii

Are you ready for this event? We can't wait for it to happen! We're just a couple of hours away from it! BLACKPINK is gonna be amazing in PUBG Mobile.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Jisoo whose beauty was recognized with a prize. 

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