BLACKPINK's BORN PINK has its first teaser BLACKPINK's BORN PINK has its first teaser

BLACKPINK reveals everything about BORN PINK with new comeback teaser

BLACKPINK just announced 3 things to come with 'BORN PINK', will this be the name of their album? We finally have the first comeback teaser

Finally! BLACKPINK's long-awaited comeback is almost here and it seems that we already have the name of the album and also the months in which everything will be released, BLINK is more than ready for this release.

The wait for BLACKPINK and their comeback is about to end. It has been two long years since the girl group released new music. Well, in 2021 two of its members had their solo debut, Rosé and Lisa. But for BLINK, there's nothing like seeing idols band together with new music.

BP already had the longest 3rd generation girl group hiatus and every start of the week was the same, BLINK was waiting for a sneak peek or something about the comeback and YG Entertainment just wouldn't let go. The fans still did not lose their hope because they knew that at any moment there would be an official announcement.

August is a very important month for BLACKPINK as it is in fact their anniversary month, the group debuted on August 8, 2016 and since then they have given their best for the world. This is why it was decided that this month would be the long-awaited comeback of the band, and BLINK was still waiting for a teaser.

And finally we have it, BLACKPINK just released their first comeback teaser for 'BORN PINK', there will be many surprises in the coming months, what will it be about?

BLACKPINK releases 1st teaser for 'BORN PINK', get to know all the details of their comeback

Through BLACKPINK's official channel on YouTube, the girl group released the first teaser for their comeback, in August they will release the first single, in September it will be the release of their album and in October they will start the world tour. OMG, 3 announcements in one, we can't believe it! It seems that the album or single will be called 'BORN PINK' and it got BLINK excited to the fullest.

And just by listening to a few seconds of this song we know that it will be a hit, we really want to hear everything about BLACKPINK's comeback.

 BLACKPINK is coming is already a trend due to all the excitement of BLINK on social networks

BLINK is using the phrase 'BLACKPINK IS COMING' generating a trend around BLACKPINK's comeback. Through social networks like Twitter, the fandom is expressing all its excitement because BP will finally return to the stage. And it's normal! They have waited 2 years for new music from the K-Pop group.

BLACKPINK is coming is now treniding | Twitter: @BBU_BLACKPINK

Everyone is really excited for BLACKPINK's comeback, we can't wait any longer to hear everything they have prepared with BORN PINK.

Keep reading  more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Jisoo who proved to be a gamer girl. 

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