BLACKPINK returns as TikToker with a hilarious new video

Some of the members of BLACKPINK came together to dance in this new TikTok that they shared for their fans

BLACKPINK is present on all platforms and on TikTok you can't miss the dances of the idols on this social network. They shared a very funny new video.

We can enjoy BLACKPINK on different digital platforms. The idols of the group are present on different social networks to spend more time with their fans virtually. All of them have their official profiles on Instagram where they usually share a lot of photos, videos and Stories.

The members of BP also have their official YouTube channels where they always show us vlogs from different moments in their days, behind the scenes or even during their days off when they record these videos to later share them with BLINK.

So it is common for fans to find a lot of BLACKPINK content on the internet, they create it themselves with their great ingenuity and we cannot forget TikTok, where some of the members also have their official accounts where they usually upload some videos for fans.

Rosé TikToker updated again alongside her BLACKPINK members with a new and fun dance for BLINK, have you seen her video?

BLACKPINK teams up with Rosé TikToker with a new dance in this video

Rosé's official TikTok account is @roses_are_rosie and the idol updated with a new video of a very funny dance in which Lisa and Jennie joined. Using the audio of 'Jiggle Jiggle - Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux' they made this fun trend. Though Rosé did apologize because she said her members were harder than she thought, LOL.

 The funniest thing is seeing how serious the idols are in this video, LOL, it really is too funny, we can't stop watching it.

Do all BLACKPINK members have an official TikTok account?

No, only Rosé has her official and verified account on TikTok, she is the only member who has it and often uploads videos to this official profile. She already has more than 22 million followers, are you already following her?

Rosé on TikTok | TikTok: @ roses_are_rosie

We hope that Rosé will continue to upload fun TikToks for BLINK and more videos that she wants to share with her fans.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Jisoo who might debut as a soloist soon, will we have some music from this idol individually? 

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