BLACKPINK photocards give us a new spoiler for their upcoming album BLACKPINK photocards give us a new spoiler for their upcoming album

BLACKPINK might release the new album for preorder soon as their photocards are ready

We hope BLINK saved their money as BLACKPINK's new album pre-sale could start soon

BLACKPINK's comeback is getting closer and closer and we always have new signs that indicate it. This time, it's the photocards, what does that mean? That the presale of the group's next album could start soon.

BLACKPINK is one of the biggest K-Pop girl groups in the industry. It's been a long time since their last comeback and this has saddened their fans for 2 long years. But we are sure that they will soon come back stronger than ever with new music and performances.

Rumors of BP's comeback began in early 2022, although the less official information there was, the longer those assumptions lengthened. But now we finally know that the girl group will release something new next August. The idols will release a new album with new songs for BLINK.

YG Entertainment has already officially announced this and August is the month in which BLACKPINK celebrates a lot as it is the girl group's debut month. A new anniversary is approaching and with it new songs for the fans. They already want to hear the latest from the girl group and start streaming and more to put BP on top again.

And also with the physical sales of the album that could actually be very close to being released because someone revealed that BLACKPINK's photocards are already ready, OMG.

Pre-orders for BLACKPINK's upcoming album may start soon now that we have a spoiler for their photocards

Through social media, BLINK discovered that someone said that BLACKPINK's photocards are ready. They have just been all printed and delivered ready. This gives us a hint that the pre-sale of the girl group's new album could start soon. And these could be pre-sale benefits or the photocards themselves inside the album.

BLACKPINK's photocards are ready | Twitter: @GIRL0VESICK

Although some BLINKs also believe that it could be new merch, a 'Summer Diary' released by BLACKPINK, OMG, but the hope that it is the new album is bigger.

 When would BLACKPINK's next album be out for pre-order?

BLACKPINK's album presales might start next week, so BLINK better prepare their wallet. Although there is no official announced date yet, we know that the comeback will arrive in August and normally a month before the launch, the presale begins.

We're waiting for BLACKPINK's new album presale to start | Twitter: @PUBGMOBILE

We are sure that BLACKPINK's next album will break pre-order records as BLINK has grown a lot since 'The Album'.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, here we tell you more about Jennie who appears on a HBO series. 

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