BLACKPINK is an ambassador of COP26 BLACKPINK is an ambassador of COP26

BLACKPINK left an important message of COP26 about climate change

The members of BLACKPINK are ambassadors of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change and this was the important message they gave in their recent appearance

The impact of BLACKPINK is not only reflected in the music of the idols, but also in other aspects that have made them great ambassadors of the United Nations and that is why they want to leave a message about climate change at COP26.

BLACKPINK is one of the most relevant girl groups in K-Pop and in the international music industry. These idols have truly shone with their songs and performances conquering much of the global public. This is why it is one of the most famous and popular bands in the world.

But BLACKPINK's impact and fame can't just be used to stand out in the music industry. The members of this idol group will also seek to raise awareness and bring positive messages to their fans, the world, and also future generations that will reach the world we will leave.

This is why the BP idols have become ambassadors of the United Nations, one of the most important organizations in the world that not only seeks to improve humanity, but also to take care of the planet in which we live and give something good for the next generations.

During BLACKPINK's appearance at the Queen of England's party, the idol group left an important message as ambassadors of COP26, what did they say?

BLACKPINK cares about climate change and leaves this message as ambassadors of COP26

BLACKPINK is in England as the K-Pop group was a special guest at the Queen's birthday party. During their stay at said event, the idols took the opportunity to leave an important message as ambassadors of COP26, the United Nations conference against climate change.

We're worried about the future as climate change is threatening the Earth and grateful to be able to inform the crisis as the ambassador for COP26

BLACKPINK is an ambassador for COP26 | Twitter: @portalblackpink

 This is the importance of BLACKPINK and how idols are worrying about leaving a better world and taking care of it right now.

BLACKPINK also calls all BLINKs to reflect on COP26

BLACKPINK released a new video as part of their campaign with COP26, in this the idols talk more about the topic of climate change that is the main thing in this conference and an expert is also there to talk to them about the importance of these messages and campaign for their fans.

We love that BLACKPINK uses their popularity for something as good and great as raising awareness about climate change, we hope that BLINK is supporting this idol project.

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