BLACKPINK for 'How You Like That' BLACKPINK for 'How You Like That'

BLACKPINK is recording a new music video, it is the most expensive production of its career

BLACKPINK is coming back with a giant production! Its new music video will be the biggest production in YG Entertainment's history.

The long waiting is coming to an end! BLACKPINK will be back pretty soon. Not just BLINK but the global public is anticipating the new music of the K-Pop sensation. The group is ready to shake the industry again.

YG Entertainment has been pretty cautious with the information. The label is just letting us know some details about BLACKPINK's upcoming project. Apparently, the group has recorded a full album. We can't wait for it!


Meanwhile, "Ready For  Love", the single for its collaboration with PUBG Mobile will be released on July 29th. Finally, we have more news about the comeback. According to the agency, it will be explosive, we are telling you everything.

YGE reveals details about BLACKPINK's new music video

On July 26th YG Entertainment talked about BLACKPINK's comeback. The label confirmed that the "Kills This Love" singers are already filming their new music video. This project is the most expensive of their career. The agency added:

It is the label's biggest budget production ever. Thanks to the meticulous planning man d organized preparation leading up to this point, the filming is going smoothly.

BLACKPINK recording 'Kill This Love' / Twitter @BPINKLATINO

The recent announcement is increasing the expectations. As you may know, BLACKPINK is well known for its wonderful music videos. Usually, the group offers eye-catching scenarios and flawless production.

We cannot forget that these gorgeous are used to wearing the most exclusive fashion brands in their music videos. BLINK has noticed that the Idols were tons of clothes from luxury designs houses.

The label also revealed that the member will be dropping more than one single before their world tour start. BLACKPINK's comeback will be insane! Are you ready for it? While we are waiting, check here everything about the new single "Ready For Love".

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