BLACKPINK for 'How You Like That' BLACKPINK for 'How You Like That'

BLACKPINK is coming back with a new album, when will it be released?

BLACKPINK has been on hiatus for almost one year. The fans are waiting for new music from the group. Finally BLINK is getting good news, BLACKPINK will be doing their comeback pretty soon.

On October 2th, 2020 BLACKPINK released their first studio album "The Album". This project gave us amazing singles: "How You Like That", "Ice Cream" and "Lovesick Girls". These songs were a big success, the whole K-Pop fanatic world was singing and dancing to BLACKPINK.

2021 came with more music of the members, this time to explore their individual taste. In March Rose made her solo debut with the album "R" and the singles "On The Ground" and "Gone". It was a perfect moment to enjoy Rose's sweet voice.

In September of the same year Lisa turned social media crazy with her solo debut. "LALISA" and "MONEY" were big hits. Lisa's stage presence, powerful rap and also her singing skills were all over the internet with these catchy songs.

BLACKPINK members / By @SdPardo55

BLINK has been having a good time with the solo projects of the members. However the fans are waiting to see all the members together on stage again. Well, finally we got news for you: BLACKPINK is confirmed to do a comeback! Check all the information.

BLACKPINK will release a new album pretty soon

According to Korean media, BLACKPINK is already working on a new album. It is expected to be released in June.

BLACKPINK performing / By @jissnneon

Meanwhile, the Jennie Youtube channel recently made the fans crazy with a few words:

We will come back soon. Please wait.

 Last month Jennie attended the show "The Game Caterers 2". Back then also revealed BLACKPINK was working on new music.

The upcoming album will be their first comeback in more than one year and a half. BLINK are you happy with this news? We are!

While we wait for more details about the album, read more about Jennie going to party with celebrities.

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