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BLACKPINK has been followed by SM Entertainment on Spotify, is a collaboration coming?

BLACKPINK just got a special follower on Spotify: SM Entertainment. Fans are expecting a unique collaboration.

According to Heechul of Super Junior, a couple of years ago, SM Entertainment didn't allow its artists to collab with singers from other agencies. That's why there are many collabs between the artists of this label. However, everything changes.

Nowadays, K-Pop artists are presenting the most interesting collaboration in the global industry. Would you like to see BLACKPINK working with an artist of SME? It would be explosive, the project would be legendary, right?

BLACKPINK for ' How You Like That' / Twitter @BPINKLATINO

The singers of "How You Like That" are the hottest Korean female music act of the moment. Millions all over the world are waiting for the upcoming album of this K-Pop sensation. BLINK is expecting a collab with artists from SME. Here's all the information.

Is BLACKPINK working in a collab with SM Entertainment?

On Juli 9th K-Pop noticed that the label SM Entertainment follows BLACKPINK on Spotify. It is the only artist from another agency that is followed by the giant company.

SM TOWN follows BLACKPINK on Spotify / Twitter @amixblink

This incident is creating different reactions among the fans. Rumors about a collab are all over the Internet. Some fanatics are pointing out Taeyeon of Girls' Generation since she recently talked about a special collab.

On the other hand, BLINK is waiting for a collab with Red Velvet or Aespa. For sure this could be an insane project. However, the label hasn't talked about it yet. We have to wait for more official information.

Fan's post / Twitter @saveurtears4bp

Meanwhile, fanatics of BLACKPINK and the K-pop artists mentioned are joking about the incident. There are tons of hilarious memes on social media. What do you think about it? Would you like to see this collab?

BLACKPINK's Jennie had a secret trip to France. We have all the information for you.

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