BLACKPINK is the #1 in brand reputation rankings BLACKPINK is the #1 in brand reputation rankings

BLACKPINK has an amazing record in monthly reputation ranking despite their hiatus

BLACKPINK hasn't released music in a long time but their reputation is still on top

BLACKPINK reigns in the girl group brand reputation rankings every month despite their hiatus, and the idol group has a special record in this top that shows their power.

It's been quite a while since BLACKPINK released their last album. The hiatus day counter of this girl group exceeds 600 days and is the longest hiatus in girl groups in the 3rd generation. This makes BLINK sad even though the comeback rumors are still out there.

Despite this, the BP idols continue to have the full support of their fans, although they also complained to YG Entertainment in early 2022 because the company continued to release girl group merch but no music. Finally, it may be that the comeback will finally arrive in August to celebrate the 6th anniversary of this idol group.

And despite BLACKPINK's hiatus, their relevance is at the top and the monthly brand reputation ranking is a great proof of that. We have found BP at #1 on many occasions even though they have not released new music, their performance, public appearances, social media mentions and streaming on digital platforms is still very strong.

Even BLACKPINK has a record in girl group brand reputation ranking that no one else has achieved, so they show their power in the industry without having to release music, isn't that amazing?

BLACKPINK is the girl group with the most #1 in the monthly brand reputation ranking despite their hiatus

BLACKPINK has a total of 27 #1s on the monthly brand reputation rankings, becoming the group that has been at the top of the ranking the most times despite their long hiatus. This K-Pop group really has a lot of power in the industry and their fandom continues to support them despite everything.

BLACKPINK is the queen of girl group brand ranking reputation | Twitter: @villainpinks

What other girl groups are in the June 2022 brand reputation ranking?

Here we have the top 10 of the brand reputation ranking of girl groups in June 2022, in this count are the most positively mentioned groups, with the highest performance on platforms, programs and others. This is how these idol groups made up of women prove their relevance in the K-Pop industry.

  2. (G)-IDLE
  3. IVE
  4. TWICE
  5. LOONA
  6. Red Velvet
  7. Oh My Girl
  8. Aespa
  10. Girls' Generation
Girl groups in the top of brand reputation rankings | Twitter: @TWICEANALYTICS

 Are any of these girl groups your favorite? There is no doubt that K-Pop is full of talented girls and we admire all these female idols who strive to do their best for their fans.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Lisa and Jisoo who were hanging out with BIGBANG's Taeyang.

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