BLACKPINK in The Virtual BLACKPINK in The Virtual

BLACKPINK had a great concert at PUBG, what was The Virtual setlist?

What songs did BLACKPINK perform on The Virtual? The virtual concert of the girl group in PUBG was amazing

BLACKPINK presented all their power even virtually at their concert for PUBG, 'The Virtual' had a great setlist, what songs did they perform?

BLACKPINK never ceases to amaze their fans, the idols of this group always put their best efforts in each comeback and performance to give BLINK the best. The K-Pop industry has great tracks thanks to this girl group. And YG Entertainment keeps innovating with BP.

This is why BLACKPINK idols collaborate with brands to bring more things to BLINK, which perhaps no one expects. The girl group has worked with video games, such as Animal Crossing and also PUBG Mobile. They have been involved with this latest popular game for a long time and have participated in various events.

By 2022, BP and PUBG had more surprises in store, which is why the idol group's virtual concert is taking place in said video game. Fans had to follow some quests to get in and there will be 4 concerts in total on different dates. And finally the first of these concerts took place.

What songs did BLACKPINK perform at The Virtual? Here we have the idol group concert setlist in PUBG Mobile. Did they perform your favorite track?

BLACKPINK had their first date of The Virtual in PUBG Mobile and this was their setlist

BLACKPINK's concert in PUBG was not very long, in fact there were few songs that the idol group presented in the video game. But it was just as much fun for his fans. They actually released the already famous 'Ready For Love' officially, since before it was just a demo that BLINK knew about. This was the setlist at The Virtual.

  2. Kill This Love
  3. How You Like That
  4. Ready For Love

Woah! The Virtual was a great concert for BLINK gamer, PUBG Mobile did a great job with the girl group for this great concert so special, don't you love it?

When is BLACKPINK's next The Virtual date?

There are still 3 dates left to see The Virtual in PUBG, July 24 is the next date, from there it will be July 29 and 31 as well. There was a record of at least 9 million users claiming tickets for these concerts, OMG, that's a lot of people, definitely.

You can watch BLACKPINK in more dates at The Virtual | Twitter: @myofficialblink

So you can still watch BLACKPINK in PUBG with The Virtual in its next dates, those will be amazing, we know it for sure.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, here we have another spoiler from their comeback for the photocards, OMG, what is it about? 

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